Mmmmm….popcorn. Such a good snack to kill a chip craving. The only thing I can’t stand is the husks getting stuck in between my gums and teeth! Grrr….

Last summer I grew Tom Thumb popcorn in my garden. I was told that I would never be able to grow corn here. No one has ever and that meant I shouldn’t be able to either. Challenge accepted!

Well, now if you choose the proper seeds and place you may have luck. I dislike being told I can’t grow something.

I chose Tom Thumb Popcorn from Heritage Harvest Seed in Manitoba. It is a short season popcorn. It grew wonderfully in my garden. I started them indoors until they were big enough to go out into the unheated greenhouse. I start hardening off when the temperature stay at +10c outside. Then transplant when I shove my hand into the soil up to my wrist and I don’t freeze. 

The plants themselves only grow to 2-3feet tall, which is great for small spaces. The cobs get to 3inches long when ready to harvest. 

I husked them and left them it dry out in my big open-weave basket for a couple months. Making sure I turned them every couple days so they didn’t rot. I did have a couple cobs rot😕 because I wasn’t paying enough attention. Things happen. Once the kernels were completely dry I had to take the kernels off the cob. Ugh…that was interesting. I used another dried cob to rub the kernels off. It worked to a point. Some kernels were super stubborn. I had to use my thumbs…there are little spiky tips on the kernels…they ripped up my skin pretty good. The satisfaction of having grown my own popcorn made it all worth the skin loss. Lol!

I popped a cup of the Tom Thumb Popcorn and a cup of storebought popcorn. In the photo above is the size difference of the popped kernels. The top kernel is the storebought popcorn. The Tom Thumb Popcorn is definitely smaller. We added some butter and a bit of salt. So good. 🌽I didn’t find they popped well in the airpopper. Next time I will do it in my stoptop popcorn maker and update this blog post to let you all now how it goes.😊

This year I will be planting double the amount. 🌽🌽I want have enough to enjoy over the winter and seed for the next growing season. 😊



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