Blessed Ostara!

Blessed Ostara! To those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.🌸🏡

Blessed Mabon! To my beautiful friends in the Southern Hemisphere. πŸπŸ‚

Our day was full of sun shine and signs of Spring.

Spring Equinox sunrise

Our day was not full of ceremony unless you consider our traditional Monday errands in town ceremony. 😊 It was so nice to soak in some sun and visit with my mom-in-love. I needed a recharge.

Snowshoe Hare

Yesterday while eating our dinner a Snowshoe Hare sat in our yard soaking up the last of the winter sun. He/she sat there for close to an hour. It’s coat is changing over to the brown spring colour from his winter white camoflage. 

This evening after my daughters went to dreamland. I started to plan on what seeds to start tomorrow. I filled a few pots and cell packs with soil, all the while breathing in deep the scent of earth. Ahhhhh! 

Moist soil waiting to feed new growth

Well my day has come to an end. Bill is off to work at the sawmill and I have a little sadness in my heart. My Oma passed away in her sleep today…she is with Opa again. I think it was the perfect day to connect with Opa. ☺ I am happy she no longer suffers. 🌷🌷🌷

Sleep well my friends. I promise I will write more soon. 



2 responses to “Blessed Ostara!

  1. blessings darling siStar ❀

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  2. season’d blessings siStar ❀

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