Asparagus bed/Winter Savory Bed

Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Can you tell I am excited? 😆 Ha! 

Winter Savory

My Winter Savory has survived the winter so far. So very happy about that.

Moist ground

Garden dirt!!

There is mud on my boots and the garden soil is being exposed. The smell is intoxicating. The birds are starting to twitter and the fowl are venturing out of the coop more and more. Oh, I absolutely adore spring. ❤

Today is the day! I get to start seeds…*squeal* I have soil inside warming and flats and recycled cell packs waiting on the porch. My fingers are itching….

Flats and recycled cell packs.

+8c in the greenhouse…Buddha is finally warming up.

The soil in the greenhouse is finally warming up, as is Buddha. +8c on the greenhouse at 9am. Woohoo! 

🌱Off and away to my la la land🌱




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