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Peeping Green.

Jacob’s Ladder



The Earth is letting her hair grow and her beauty show. 


Herb shelf🌱

Over the Easter weekend Mr.B and Miss M built me a Herb Shelf!!

Marking shelf placement.

There used to be a big pantry at the end of the Sink cabinets, but was removed before our time here. When the pantry was removed it left a ugly unfinished end. 

The cabinet shelves don’t adjust so my herb jars and bags of herbs were every where! I think Mr.B got sick of the mess and…maybe my complaining about non-adjustable shelves got to him. Haha!

Shelves complete

The top shelves are built to accomodate my 1L mason jars, two deep. 😊 So excited. I know it is better to keep them dark, but I love seeing them. It gives me inspiration and ease of use.

The lower shelves ar built to accomodate my egg collection stuff and our drinking water containers. There is also an electrical outlet behind the water containers. We have idea why it was put there. It would have been covered by the other pantry cabinet…things that make me go”hmmmmm?”


Now comes the organization and filling up of the shelves. Hee hee! 😄


Garden clean up

Driveway tree garden.

Yesterday April 11, the girls and I started garden clean up. The girls clipped all the suckers off the stumps of Poplar trees we cut down. They were growing in and around the powerline. So they had to come down. 

Clipping the Poplar suckers

There us still lots to do. The wind and rain didn’t allow for working outside for long.

Driveway/lawn flower garden

Sedum survived

Korean Lilac bushes and spring bulb garden.

Many of the bulbs that were planted last year didn’t survive…I am a lazy gardener. If it has to be removed all the time I don’t want it in my gardens…

The ever-evolving rock garden…before

Ever-evolving rock garden after

There are quite a few plants greening up, even being still pretty chilly. It still gets down to -6c at night and up to 12c during the day. We are getting quite a bit of rain and wind. 

Mallow leaves

There you have it…the Earth is coming alive here in my little piece of Palling. 😍


Spring is Springing

The ground is thawing from its winter prison. The snow is melting into ponds that speckle the yard and lakes have formed in the bush behind our house and taken my graden hostage.

Garden with its icy cloak

The willows are full of pussy willows and the Poplar buds are forming their sticky goodness. I see Balm of Gilead in the future! I wandered the front of our land searching for signs of life.


Worms under leaf mulch over my garlic

Holly Hock leaf


Rhubarb leaf bud

Pussy willow

Mountain Ash leaf bud

Life is springing forth. I feel giddy and hopeful. Such a good feeling after months of depression and loneliness. 



We have a visitor…

We got a visitor in the mail. 

Meet SUPER TY!! 

Super Ty travelled from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to Medicine Hat, Alberta to Penticton,BC to us here in Burns Lake,BC. 

Super Ty arrives

Burns Lake in March

Super Ty at the BL Public Library where Seren Volunteers

Super Ty and Milena helping feed Savory Farms pigs.

Super Ty helping with Chicken chores.

Super Ty visits the BLCG

View of Decker lake from GrandmaJ’s deck.

Super Ty helping with schooling…

She got really into helping with the lesson.

Hanging at the Burns Lake beach/playground.

Getting to ready to play

Spirit Square (playground, beach and skateboatd park)

Waiting for the ferry to dock at Francios Lake.

Cold ride on the Francios Forester.

Ootsa Lake

Super Ty flying at the Skins Dam.

Skins Dam

Cheslatta Falls(upper)

Super Ty helped mom eat a “Sink Burger”

Super Ty visiting Palling Hall…it was a 1 room schoolhouse/church and is now the community hall.

Super Ty is on her way to Sooke, BC to see the ocean.

Safe Journey!!

The Green-eyed monster and Thoughts

Jealousy is a nasty green-eyed monster that eats you up and makes you feel hopeless…

Tonight my dear friend sent me a link to a show on CBC on messenger…”this young family is living in a yurt, off grid near Yellowknife. Chickens and rabbits and all you did.”

My chest burst into pain. My head began to pound and my eyes saw nothing…

I wrote back, ” …hmmm…I have no interest in watching it. I am struggling enough with missing the Yurt and our life. Jealousy is my biggest enemy right now. Thanks though.”

No one I know understands how much or why I miss our life off-grid in our Yurt/addition. Most people say”just build your yurt anyways”, “set the yurt up where you are.”, “You have something better now.”Or something they figure helps. Which totally doesn’t. They don’t understand that we can’t just build it where we are. If the building inspector were to find out he’d make us take it down. We spoke to him amd he was very blunt about his opinion about them…most likely because he is uninformed about yurts. BC also has new build codes and rules that require you to become a general contractor to build your own home. It doesn’t matter…no matter what the yurt won’t be going back up umtil we find a place where they are allowed. All this is beside the point.

Here I’ll place you in your dream and then rip you out of it. You aren’t allowed to forget the passion you have for your dream, but you can’t go back. It is where you felt like you were actually accomplishing something. Something you built literally from the ground up. Yet you are told to “suck it up and move on.”, ” just let it go.” Or you are sent things that fill you so full of jealousy you can’t think straight and every breath sends a pain across your chest because you are holding back an incredible sob. Your heart breaks. 

People just don’t understand what our life there meant to me. It gave me a sense of worth and usefulness. I had finally felt happy. Yes,there were hard times and sad times and very scary times, but they were ours. We had huge dreams and plans. 

Well, I had a huge part in what screwed that dream up…I believe things happen for a reason and I learned a lot about myself and others since 2012 when our dream slammed to a stop.

I want SO badly to be where we were. I know we never can be, nor would I ever want to be on that property again. BUT I want my lifestyle back. I feel so false,unhappy and unsatisified. I know my friend was just trying to show me something dear to my heart, but I just can’t handle the sadness nor the jealousy I feel around this subject. 

April 4th…

I never did finish writing this post…in fact I was afraid to post it. I don’t know why. I actually started a different one…it too sits unposted. 😣…same thoughts but not. 


I have been doing way too much thinking lately. I have been feeling lost and sort of fraudulent. Not walking my talk or practicing what I preach. 

I miss life at the Yurt so much. I miss no electricity, no plumbing, no indoor running water. I miss the hardwork daily to survive. I miss these things because they gave me purpose. I feel like I am standing still. I don’t feel as though I am growing or living. I am just slogging a long with no destination in mind and it is driving me deeper into depression.

Don’t get me wrong I very aware at how totally blessed to be where we are today. 

I’m just not feeling like I am living my truth. Bill is just….working. He is not living his purpose either, at least that is the feeling I get from him…and one I am listening too. 

This winter has been a hard one on me, mentally, physically and emotionally…I am still struggling. Everyday I feel like disappearing from social media. 

…there you have it. 

I wish my first blog “Yurting Adventure”was still around. It had so many stories and adventures that would shed light on so much of these thoughts. Multiply never gave me the chance to retrieve and move all my posts before they shut down the site.😡 

Now I am just babbling…time for a lovely cup of Orange, lemongrass and licorice tea.