Garden clean up

Driveway tree garden.

Yesterday April 11, the girls and I started garden clean up. The girls clipped all the suckers off the stumps of Poplar trees we cut down. They were growing in and around the powerline. So they had to come down. 

Clipping the Poplar suckers

There us still lots to do. The wind and rain didn’t allow for working outside for long.

Driveway/lawn flower garden

Sedum survived

Korean Lilac bushes and spring bulb garden.

Many of the bulbs that were planted last year didn’t survive…I am a lazy gardener. If it has to be removed all the time I don’t want it in my gardens…

The ever-evolving rock garden…before

Ever-evolving rock garden after

There are quite a few plants greening up, even being still pretty chilly. It still gets down to -6c at night and up to 12c during the day. We are getting quite a bit of rain and wind. 

Mallow leaves

There you have it…the Earth is coming alive here in my little piece of Palling. 😍



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