Herb shelf🌱

Over the Easter weekend Mr.B and Miss M built me a Herb Shelf!!

Marking shelf placement.

There used to be a big pantry at the end of the Sink cabinets, but was removed before our time here. When the pantry was removed it left a ugly unfinished end. 

The cabinet shelves don’t adjust so my herb jars and bags of herbs were every where! I think Mr.B got sick of the mess and…maybe my complaining about non-adjustable shelves got to him. Haha!

Shelves complete

The top shelves are built to accomodate my 1L mason jars, two deep. 😊 So excited. I know it is better to keep them dark, but I love seeing them. It gives me inspiration and ease of use.

The lower shelves ar built to accomodate my egg collection stuff and our drinking water containers. There is also an electrical outlet behind the water containers. We have idea why it was put there. It would have been covered by the other pantry cabinet…things that make me go”hmmmmm?”


Now comes the organization and filling up of the shelves. Hee hee! 😄



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