Spring noise has begun…

Our world has become full of humming, buzzing, chirping, clicking and flittering.

Rufus Hummingbird

Over a week ago, Bill and I were both buzzed by Rufus Hummingbirds. It is the ultimate sign of Spring here. 

I got out the nectar feeders. Gave them a through washing and made up sugar water. I never use the red dye hummingbird nectar you can buy at the store. The dye is not needed. The colour of the flowers are what attracts the bird. 

Throughly cleaned feeders and cooling sugar water.

Rufus feeding.

I hung two of them in the Mountain Ash tree clump in my Ever Evolving Rock Garden and one in the Blue Spruce by the front door. Where they like to sit and patrol their territory and perform their mating ritual diving bombing flights. 

On patrol at the top of the Mountain Ash.

We also have many Yellow-rumped Warblers. Clicking their wings together and squabbling over the multitude of seeds from the chickens scratch.

Yellow-rumped Warbler in a Poplar tree.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

We have spotted a couple Bees, Robins, Sandhill cranes, Butterflies, Sparrows, Squirrels, Woodpeckers and numerous other creatures about. Once the weather gets warmer more creatures will visit. I can’t wait….



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