Silk Scarf Dyeing afternoon

On May 6th I took my daughter Seren and Mom-in-love, Justina, to a Silk Scarf workshop. We got to dye two silk scarves each. 

Sashka, our public library director, is also a Fibre Artist. She put this Silk Scarf Dyeing workshop on for women in our community. 

It was great fun! I could very easily become addicted. Haha! 😛

Sashka showed us two methods of dyeing silk scarves. Food Dye, using Wilton icing dye and vinegar. Very simple but the finished product is not true to colour. My very green scarf is not green once I soaked and washed it at home.  

Sashka had the scarves soaking in water when we got to the workshop. Our group had 7 women in it. Once we all picked our numbered station, I was #1…this is so we knew who’s scarves were who’s, she explained a bit about the technical side of dyeing fabric.

My station. #1

Twist, fold, tie and secure your damp scarf.

Choose your colour

Gob some food dye…Wilton icing dye…into your ziploc bag.

Add vinegar and your scarf to bag…squish and seal part way.

Steam for 45 minutes

So, while our Food Dye scarves were steaming for 45 minutes, we started on the second method of dyeing. I like this method best for true colour. 

These scarves had to be soaked in citric acid to help them absorb the dye right. Sashka had these to the side soaking.

Twist, fold and whatever you wish…place in tupperware container.

Next scarf! Using professional dyes.

Professional dyes Sashka made up prior. 

Choose your colours. Microwave for 6 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

While the professional dye soaked scarves took their turn in the microwave, the Wilton food dyed scarves came out of the steamer and were thoroughly rinsed. 

As each scarf came out of the microwave it was rinsed. Mine turned out pretty good. 

TADA! My second scarf. ( my mom-in-love and moi)

Seren’s scarves are on the left. Mine are on the right.

I rinsed both sets of scarves in warm water and a drop of soap to get the rest of the residual dye out. My beautiful green scarf came out very bright blue…Sigh…Oh well I still love it! 


Seren’s Wilton Dye scarf

Seren’s professional dye scarf

Mom-in-love’s Wilton dyed scarf

Mom-in-love’s professional dye scarf.

What a fun afternoon making memories! 

Thank you Sahka for such a great experience. ❤



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