There will be no gardening or garden prepping for a long time. We have had such a wet fall and now spring. I am not really complaining as it means the water table in our region and others are going back up after some scary dry years. I am disappointed that my garden is going undewater though and I am sick of being cold.

Main veggie garden is a tad squishy.

Our field lake is back.

A lake in front of the chicken coop.

Snow on the bluff up the hill from us.

The bluff has a coating of snow this morning.

I guess I am going to have to bite my tongue and suffer through. Momma Nature knows what she’s doing….I think…🤔

I did plant some supposedly hardy tomatoes a couple days ago.

I hope my Tomatoes don’t rot from the roots up…this bed was built over a hole. Crossing my fingers. 



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