Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day was quiet but exciting….

The Palling Community Hall had their annual Mother’s Day breakfast. The Dad’s and a couple of young sons of the community do all the cooking and cleaning. (Mr.Bill fried the bacon.😊) The girls and I walked to the hall for eggs, pancakes/whipped cream/huckleberries, bacon/sausages, and coffee/juice. 

Good job guys! 💜

The creek that goes through Palling is really really high.

Water usually doesn’t touch the bottom of the gate.

Otherside of the road…

After Mr.Bill got home, he drove me to Honeysuckle Garden Centre in Decker Lake to pick up my blueberry plants. 

Brunswick Blueberry zone3

Burgandy Lowbush zone3

No, domestic blueberries aren’t supposed to do well here. They require an acidic soil. I have a spot where pine and spruce branches were piled up and the needles have been composting for ages. I’ll mix them into the soil and plant the bushes. Then cross my fingers they acclimatize. We also picked out a hanging basket of flowers for Mr.Bill’s mom and dropped them off at her home as she was at church still.

On the way home from Honeysuckle Garden Centre Mr.Bill and I spotted a momma bear and her yearling twins. 😍 They looked very healthy. We watched them a bit. Very fitting for the day. In First Nations Culture the Bear is associated with Motherhood, family, nuturing and strength.

Momma Bear and her twin yearlings.

I was so excited and in awe of this beautiful and healthy momma bear. Her calm quiet demeanor as she slowly encouraged her children to move off into the bush silently. 

When we got home my mom-in-love came over for a cup of coffee. 

For supper we decided a trip to Takysie Resort/restaurant was in order. So we grabbed Mr.Bill’s mom and head off. To get there it requires a bit of a drive and a ferry ride across Francois Lake on the Francois Forester. 

Unloading the Francois Forester.

Looking west over Francois Lake

Supper was yummy as usual and we ended our meal with their banana split.( no photo as we were too busy chowing down). While there we met family that were just about to start their first year as Homeschoolers. Super exciting as I had just accepted her into the local Homeschoolers group on Fb!! 

On the drive back to the ferry I happened to look up and see a moose in a hay field. Everyone wasn’t convinced that I had seen it so we turned around and went back….TADA! There stood a moose calf and its momma! 

Momma moose(left) and baby.

Momma moose and her calf…they were closer than they appear.

Another Momma and baby pair! First the Momma Bear and cubs, now Momma Moose and calf!! Oh my gosh it was so appropriate and exciting. 

The girls and I have been waiting for two years to see a Moose here and we were blessed to see this beautiful pair! 💚After watching them for awhile, we headed back on the road to the ferry landing. The sky was beautiful.

Waiting for the ferry.

The trip across Francois lake was marvelous. A perfect ending to Mother’s Day. 💙

Looking West on Francois lake

Looking East on Francois lake

Happy Mother’s Day to all!



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  1. Moose and Bears 🐻 that’s awesome!! Glad you had a wonderful day!! Good luck with the blueberries!! 😊

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