It is all a part of gardening.

Frost can come anytime and turn everything to mush. Deer can pop by and eat every plant down to the ground. Mice, moles ans even ants can desimate your greenhouse, herb, berry and veggie garden in the blink of an eye. An invisible critter like aphids, white flies, cabbage moth, mildew and fungus can put you way behind in your growing season. 

It is bothersome, especially when one’s growing season is only 60-90days at best and at least 15-20 of those days are hit with heavy frosts. 

Tomaotes in my asparagus bed are doing awesome!

This photo was from yesterday. I have a hoop house over my Asparagus bed because I put tomato plants out there as an experiment.

I cover the hoops with 6mil plastic and then heavy fleece-type frost cloth. It works really well….well…until the wind gets crazy and blows the frost cloth off. And then your tomatoes go limp. 😢

And then they aren’t.

Sigh…not the sight I was hoping for this morning. I am bummed, but kick myself for forgetting to clip the blanket tighter. Oh well. 

I am an experimental gardener and know that I will always have loss…sometimes it is hard when you only had a few seeds left and were hoping they would do well so you could save seed.

Such is nature. Never get to comfortable because Momma nature will surprise you.



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  1. i am so sorry hun…. 😦

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