My yard is finally showing the signs of spring. Green grass. Dandelions. And petite violets. 

I fell in love with collecting these teeny tiny purple-blue flowers and their leaves last year. 

You can see how small the plants are against the spruce cone.

Hiding among the garden “weeds”

Violet blossom closed up tight

Violet bloom

I don’t know enough about this amazing flowering plant to regurgitate information. I do know it can be used to help with scalp and complexion issues. You can make a tea, syrup, tincture, jelly and vinegar from it. You can eat it as a soup and in salad. 

Susun Weed is my go-to for information on such herbs of our Mother Earth. You can read all her amazing knowledge on her website and on facebook. You can also buy her books(I only have one). One day I will find second hand copies of her books to buy. 😊 

I love learning about herbs of all kinds. Just about as much as growing them. 🌱  




2 responses to “Violets

  1. I love violets! thank you for the tip (my fav. herb and flower lady is Margaret Roberts 🙂

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