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…and so it has begun…

It has begun…

All summer and late into the fall my kitchen will be cluttered with boxes of jars, rings, sealing lids, multiple canners, towels and all the tools for canning.

The counters full of pots and bowls full of fruits and veggies waiting their turn to be made into yummy winter food to feed my little family. 

There will be herbs and produce quietly waiting their turn in the dehydrator. They will become dried spices for my winter cooking, tea and soup mix.

My family just loves tripping over my canning gear. They know their complaints of my snarls(yes, I get moody, that’s why I don’t can with others) and messes are to be kept quiet if they want eat good during the long winter. 😜

I love this time of year. It is when I do my biggest share of “contributing to the family”….as long as the garden and greenhouse do well. 

Time to get the 12jars of Rhubarb juice out of the canner.

Isn’t it just a delightful colour?!



Mmmmmm…carrots from the garden! My favourite way to eat carrots. With a little garden dirt and dew from the grass. 

Yep, that’s me enjoying a carrot.

I am so excited. Here’s the story why….

Behind this door….

Is my cold room…

There sits a blue rubbermaid tote…

Inside this tote is a plastic bag covering moist sand…

There are tops quietly growing there….

Under this sand are….carrots.

Garden carrots from last year…

These carrots were put into storage last fall. I put a layer of moist sand then a layer of carrots then moist sand. I made four layers of carrots and ended with moist sand and a white kitchen garbage bag.

Fresh Garden Carrots from 2016

The tote of carrots was then stored downstairs in my cold room. I used some but then forgot all about it….”bad me!”

So this morning I went downstairs to clean up a rotting bag of apples (my children sometimes don’t put things away properly and hence a bag of apples rotting in a corner behind said tote…*shrug* not sure why it was behind there…???)and figured that I had better haul that heavy tote up the stairs to the chickens too. 

I heave that heavy sucker outside to the waiting wheelbarrow and over to the coop. *I should have waited for Bill* 

I was surprised that the sand was still moist as I brushed away a mound. I hadn’t misted since I put the tote in storage. I pulled out a carrot and wiped the sand off on the grass. Then…


The carrot was cleanly in half!

I took it inside and washed it off well and bit down.

Oh…my…gosh…crisp, firm and juicy…and still tasted like a fresh carrot. 😮


I’ll be storing my carrots this way again for sure.


Mushroom Plant

I have never heard of this herb before now. It was at our local Canadian Wholesale Club grocery store.

 Rungia klossil ~ Mushroom Plant Rungia

It is supposed to have a mushroom flavour. Not to my palate. Tastey like Green Beans to my daughters and I. Taste good but definitely not mushroom flavoured. 

It is high in iron, calcium and beta-carotene and vitamin c. Excellent in salads and as a cooking green. The mushroom taste is supposed to increase with cooking. I haven’t cooked with it yet. 

It grows anywhere between 12-24″ tall. Zone 7-10 (Papua New Guinea). Tolerates drought but grows best with regular watering. 

The leaf texture is smooth, thick and crisp. They are only about 2.5 inches long. There doesn’t seem to be any aroma from the plant. 

I will update more on this herb once it has grown more and I have used it as a cooked greens or in stirfry.


Cresent Moon 


Shrub/flower garden tamed

Today my goal was to get the Shrub/flower garden along the driveway cleaned up. This garden bed needs a tonne of help but I won’t tackle that this year. 



There is a Red Peony, Blue Lupine, Blazing Star Liatris(purple), Campion(red), wild rose(pink) and Iris(blue). Shrub is a Caragana



Maples, Ash(white flower/red berry), Caragana(yellow), Potentilla(yellow), Siberian Iris(blue), Jacob’s Ladder, Geranium(purple), wild columbine(red/yellow) and Irises(blue).

Doesn’t that looks so much better?



Don’t you hate it when you find the perfect recipe online and think “That’s the one! I’ll write that down right after I read this.” 


I didn’t write it down!!! Now I can’t remember where I read it or how I even found it in the first place…..😜

It was an easy simple berry wine recipe. No special ingredients….

Just whatever berry/fruit, sugar, boiled/cooled water and red wine yeast…fruit & sugar…put yeast and fruit/sugae liquid in contain with airlock and leave to do its thing for 3-4weeks(?), syphon into bottles and age for 6 months….

I need measurements and actual instructions.

Now I’m on a mission. If any of you lovely people recognize this recipe…please save me! 





It wasn’t online after all.😄 It was in one of my cookbooks. Lol! Oh my….I need to reorganize myself.

I don’t have much to report lately. I have been struggling through a bout of depression, the start of my personal journey into Menopause and being “there”(virtually…as she lives about 13+ hours away) for my Best Friend. 

My garden is growing, but so slowly. The heat the plants need to utilize all the rain, just isn’t in the air. 😕 The garlic is starting to produce scapes. I chopped some up and roasted them with potato, sweet potato, carrot and onion in a pan on the BBQ and served beside bbq’d ribs last night.

Garlic Scapes

When bread just doesn’t turn out everytime.

On Sunday I made bread…lol! I forgot about it during the last rise in the loaf pan. 😜 Ugh…I had dough all over. *shrug* oh well. It tastes just as good and still totally usable. Deformed loaves make excellent French Toast.

L-R: Enten, Fred, and Miss Duck

The ducks are doing well. I had to mow the run because my ducks and chick-a-ladies just weren’t keeping it short enough and the bugs(mosquito, horseflies, and other biting bugs) were getting unbareable. They were all happier with the grass clippings and exposed bugs and seed heads on the ground. 😊

Even the hens are chilly!

We have had 3 days of only +3°c at 6:30 am. BRRrrrrr…Even the hens aren’t thrilled. They huddle outside in any sunbeam they can find. It is JUNE for crying outload! 3 days until July….July! Ugh…this is the one of hardest part of Northern living for me. The long Winters are the other. I miss the heat of the southern portion of BC.

My very sad little garden….

I had to rip out all my cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, turnips, kale, red and green cabbage, kholrabi and mustard in the lettuce mix. The Flea Beetle devastated everything. I thankfully had 4 extra cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli plants hidden in the greenhouse. I waited 2weeks before planting them out. Crossing my fingers they survive and the bastard beetles don’t come back.

Odin and I soaking up some 6:30 am sun

I will try to get a post up with pictures of the greenhouse tonight. 

Thanks for sticking around.