I did it all in between downpours! Woohoo me! πŸ˜ƒ 

All beds are formed and some are even planted. I am feeling very accomplished.

I was able to get the ‘All Blue’ potatoes into the ground…oops…they were really starting to grow. Lol! I even had them in the coldroom. 

Oops…they were growing without me.

I got 3 types of Onions(red, white,and yellow), 3 types of Dill(Dukat, Green Sleeves, and Mammoth), 3 types of radishes(small amounts of French Breakfast, White Icicle and Candela Di Fuoco), 2 types of carrots(mainly Scarlet Nantes and about 20 Creme Pak seeds), 3 types of cabbage(Copenhagen, Mammoth Red Rock, and Early Jersey Wakefield), cauliflower, and 2 types of broccoli(Raab and Calabrese), 2 types of beets(Golden Detroit and Ruby Queen).

I also transplanted my Black Beauty Zucchini and Waltham Butternut Squash plants. I have to figure out where to put my Yellow Scalloped Squash(tiny pattypan squash). 

Black Beauty Zucchini with Painted Mountain Corn

Waltham Butternut squash in with Tom Thumb popcorn

Calabrese Broccoli and Early Snowball Cauliflower.

Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage and Raab broccoli with Mammoth and Greensleeves dill seperating.

Mammoth Red Rock and Copenhagen Market Cabbage with Dukat Dill seperating varieties

Tomorrow Miss Milena will plant peas, lettuces, kholrabi….and whatever else my brain is too tired to remember at the moment. Haha! 

While I was organizing what I wanted planted where, Miss Milena helped me weed the garlic bed. She was excited to finally see the full taproot of a Dandelion and asked about Pineapple Weed and chickweed. She likes to know what plants(weeds) are edible. 😊 A girl after my own heart…

Miss Milena weeding Majestic, German Red and Chesnok garlic

We had a happy surprise when we found a huge Western Toad and a wee Western Toad. The huge toad hopped away but the little guy hung out long enough for Miss Milena to draw it in her Nature Journal.

Up close and personal with the wee-toady.


After our visit with the toads we picked 4 stalks of Rhubarb. One for each of us. Only to remember Miss Seren is away at her Bio-dad’s. The stalks were HUGE! 1ft 7inches of edible stalk. Miss Milena made a hat out of the leaf…haha! I wasn’t able to get a photo. πŸ˜…

Rhubarb anyone?!

What a great day after all! 

Good Night…this lady is done…



2 responses to “Garden!!Β 

  1. πŸ™Oh no!! Silly Zeus…Hugs my friend. I wish I could help. I am afraid my corn may not have survived the -2c and frost the other night. I am bummed, but hold hope close that it’ll pull through.


  2. oh wow!! i am so envious.. but the envious in a good way πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
    its all coming together beautifully and all your hard work is going to pay of magnificently – you should be proud my friend!
    i wish i could say so of my own. our new bed is almost ruined.. im still slumped in the blues from it all. dear Zeus decided that pine needled veggie beds were made for him to sleep in 😦 we are trying to salvage the pieces of my heart and the bed!
    gentle hugs from afar my dear friend xx

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