🎶Here comes the rain again🎶

The rain just won’t get lost long enough for me to get the garden prepped. Errrg! No tilling for this year as I was hoping…the rototiller would get stuck.

It’s just me, my muscles and my trusty shovel and rake.

My trusty shovel and baler twine/stake markers

I’ma hurtin’ this morning…😜

Mark it

Dig it

Form it

I have turned and marked and formed the beds. Well, not all….the piece where my shovel stands is still waiting to be dealt with. 

So far this is my plan….HAHAHAHA!!! I have already changed it 4 times. Now if the weather would cooperate. I may actually get to fill in what I planted where….

I did get two types of potato and the popcorn plants into the ground before the rain poured down again.

I have never ordered from T&T Seeds before and so far they have been nice to deal with. I would prefer to find a local(BC) seed potato grower, but for now this will do. I will save the smaller potatoes for next year. I still have some purple…I think they are called ‘All Blue’…that I will put into the end of my potato row. 

I am hoping to get out there shortly to finish prepping the last bit of garden. I need to get my cabbage, cauluflower, and bolted broccoli out ASAP.

Bolting Broccoli…

Crossing fingers for no rain ⛆ for a couple days



4 responses to “Garden…?

  1. You are amazing! That dirt you turned looks great! Stay away rain ☔️!!


  2. oh dear – more rain?!?!?
    i hope it lets up soon for you so that you can go out and play.
    and you go girlfriend – those dug beds are amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is supposed to rain on and off for the next few days and then get dry and then rain again…I did get out to play this afternoon. I will be putting up another post later on.
      My back is not too happy with me but the beds a dug and ready.😆


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