Wet world

It has been so wet. It is driving my batty. I force myself to go outside. I watch my petunias rotting in their containers. 

I fear my little seedlings will rot away. If the ground they are in doesn’t get the chance to dry out a little. 

I feel whiney and cranky and sick of being inside. We are inside most of the winter(Oct to April)and now It is mid June and I still have to light a fire in the livingroom heater to take the chill out. I want to swelter. See! I told you I am feeling whiney. Lol! 

Yes, there is beauty around me when I get out the door and into the rain. I do know we need the rain after so many years of dry weather. 

We have so much to do. I need to get the big chicken coop cleaned out…but to moist the dig the litter out. It is a dirt floor coop and with the rain the water table is super high and this property is on a downhill slop, heading straight for the garage/coop. Yup, the original builder thought that out really well. Build in the hole not the higher part. *eyeroll*. Way to go Dad-in-law.

Well, time to go out to check eggs and finish cleaning up my planting mess.



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