Fighting the urge to give up on the garden this year….

First fighting the urge to procrastinate. I just couldn’t get my motivation up to start seeds. I felt very ‘meh’ about everything this spring. I don’t know why…other than the weather wasn’t helping at all.

Then copious amounts of rain and fear of everything being too wet and rotting before it even got a chance to grow.(photo shows one days worth of rain)

Now my garden has been hit by a insane infestation of Flea Beetles! Arg! Because they all hatched in this nice warm weather and I wasn’t able to get my garden lightly tilled in the fall of spring befode they all hatched. 😣

Here’s a link to the little buggers. I hope it works.

They have eaten holes in every Raab, radish, turnio, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli plant I have. Seedlings can’t withstand the munching as well as larger plants. All my teeny tiny just popping out o the ground plants are beig desimated. 

I have made a spary that is supposed to help. 🤔 hmmm. We’ll see…I found it on The Old Farmers’ Almanac website. 5 cups water, 2cups rubbing alcohol and 2tbsp dish soap. Spray on twice a day. So far all it has done is driven them out frim under the remay cloth and onto the plastic hoop cover. I gave them a spray in hope that they’ll FRY! in the sun….I am feeling very destructive today.

If this doesn’t work I’ll have to go buy DE(Diatomaceous Earth) to coat my plants with.
Oh the joys of gardening…always something to fight. Lol!

I sure hope this is not fortelling my garden experience this year. I will be sorely disappointed if it is. Last year I barely got i to my garden due to running around like a crazy woman for everyone else.



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  1. Don’t give up! Sending ☀️ sunshine and good vibes ✨ your way!!

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