I don’t have much to report lately. I have been struggling through a bout of depression, the start of my personal journey into Menopause and being “there”(virtually…as she lives about 13+ hours away) for my Best Friend. 

My garden is growing, but so slowly. The heat the plants need to utilize all the rain, just isn’t in the air. šŸ˜• The garlic is starting to produce scapes. I chopped some up and roasted them with potato, sweet potato, carrot and onion in a pan on the BBQ and served beside bbq’d ribs last night.

Garlic Scapes

When bread just doesn’t turn out everytime.

On Sunday I made bread…lol! I forgot about it during the last rise in the loaf pan. šŸ˜œ Ugh…I had dough all over. *shrug* oh well. It tastes just as good and still totally usable. Deformed loaves make excellent French Toast.

L-R: Enten, Fred, and Miss Duck

The ducks are doing well. I had to mow the run because my ducks and chick-a-ladies just weren’t keeping it short enough and the bugs(mosquito, horseflies, and other biting bugs) were getting unbareable. They were all happier with the grass clippings and exposed bugs and seed heads on the ground. šŸ˜Š

Even the hens are chilly!

We have had 3 days of only +3Ā°c at 6:30 am. BRRrrrrr…Even the hens aren’t thrilled. They huddle outside in any sunbeam they can find. It is JUNE for crying outload! 3 days until July….July! Ugh…this is the one of hardest part of Northern living for me. The long Winters are the other. I miss the heat of the southern portion of BC.

My very sad little garden….

I had to rip out all my cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, turnips, kale, red and green cabbage, kholrabi and mustard in the lettuce mix. The Flea Beetle devastated everything. I thankfully had 4 extra cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli plants hidden in the greenhouse. I waited 2weeks before planting them out. Crossing my fingers they survive and the bastard beetles don’t come back.

Odin and I soaking up some 6:30 am sun

I will try to get a post up with pictures of the greenhouse tonight. 

Thanks for sticking around.



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