Don’t you hate it when you find the perfect recipe online and think “That’s the one! I’ll write that down right after I read this.” 


I didn’t write it down!!! Now I can’t remember where I read it or how I even found it in the first place…..😜

It was an easy simple berry wine recipe. No special ingredients….

Just whatever berry/fruit, sugar, boiled/cooled water and red wine yeast…fruit & sugar…put yeast and fruit/sugae liquid in contain with airlock and leave to do its thing for 3-4weeks(?), syphon into bottles and age for 6 months….

I need measurements and actual instructions.

Now I’m on a mission. If any of you lovely people recognize this recipe…please save me! 





It wasn’t online after all.πŸ˜„ It was in one of my cookbooks. Lol! Oh my….I need to reorganize myself.


2 responses to “Wine….

  1. Me too…haha! I think I may have gone a little crazier looking for it. 😊


  2. Where Wildlings Grow

    hee hee – I do understand the pain of it all.
    so happy you found it hun x

    Liked by 1 person

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