Mmmmmm…carrots from the garden! My favourite way to eat carrots. With a little garden dirt and dew from the grass. 

Yep, that’s me enjoying a carrot.

I am so excited. Here’s the story why….

Behind this door….

Is my cold room…

There sits a blue rubbermaid tote…

Inside this tote is a plastic bag covering moist sand…

There are tops quietly growing there….

Under this sand are….carrots.

Garden carrots from last year…

These carrots were put into storage last fall. I put a layer of moist sand then a layer of carrots then moist sand. I made four layers of carrots and ended with moist sand and a white kitchen garbage bag.

Fresh Garden Carrots from 2016

The tote of carrots was then stored downstairs in my cold room. I used some but then forgot all about it….”bad me!”

So this morning I went downstairs to clean up a rotting bag of apples (my children sometimes don’t put things away properly and hence a bag of apples rotting in a corner behind said tote…*shrug* not sure why it was behind there…???)and figured that I had better haul that heavy tote up the stairs to the chickens too. 

I heave that heavy sucker outside to the waiting wheelbarrow and over to the coop. *I should have waited for Bill* 

I was surprised that the sand was still moist as I brushed away a mound. I hadn’t misted since I put the tote in storage. I pulled out a carrot and wiped the sand off on the grass. Then…


The carrot was cleanly in half!

I took it inside and washed it off well and bit down.

Oh…my…gosh…crisp, firm and juicy…and still tasted like a fresh carrot. 😮


I’ll be storing my carrots this way again for sure.



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