Mushroom Plant

I have never heard of this herb before now. It was at our local Canadian Wholesale Club grocery store.

 Rungia klossil ~ Mushroom Plant Rungia

It is supposed to have a mushroom flavour. Not to my palate. Tastey like Green Beans to my daughters and I. Taste good but definitely not mushroom flavoured. 

It is high in iron, calcium and beta-carotene and vitamin c. Excellent in salads and as a cooking green. The mushroom taste is supposed to increase with cooking. I haven’t cooked with it yet. 

It grows anywhere between 12-24″ tall. Zone 7-10 (Papua New Guinea). Tolerates drought but grows best with regular watering. 

The leaf texture is smooth, thick and crisp. They are only about 2.5 inches long. There doesn’t seem to be any aroma from the plant. 

I will update more on this herb once it has grown more and I have used it as a cooked greens or in stirfry.



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