…and so it has begun…

It has begun…

All summer and late into the fall my kitchen will be cluttered with boxes of jars, rings, sealing lids, multiple canners, towels and all the tools for canning.

The counters full of pots and bowls full of fruits and veggies waiting their turn to be made into yummy winter food to feed my little family. 

There will be herbs and produce quietly waiting their turn in the dehydrator. They will become dried spices for my winter cooking, tea and soup mix.

My family just loves tripping over my canning gear. They know their complaints of my snarls(yes, I get moody, that’s why I don’t can with others) and messes are to be kept quiet if they want eat good during the long winter. 😜

I love this time of year. It is when I do my biggest share of “contributing to the family”….as long as the garden and greenhouse do well. 

Time to get the 12jars of Rhubarb juice out of the canner.

Isn’t it just a delightful colour?!


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