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September 30th 

It is a frosty morning again. 

-2°c and partically cloudy.

Here come the sun!

The sun is up(taken through the livingroom window)

Frosty Strawberry leaves

Crunchy Asparagus fronds

My sleeping garden

I took a wander about the yard at 7am when the sun was just starting the daily climb into the sky. The weird light at this time of day makes for a magical feeling. 

❤ D

A sad goodbye

🌻 Sunflower🌈 

Basking in the summer sun. Sunflower 5 and a half.

Reading wih friends is a great way to learn.

A new friend! Aug 2012…Milena age 4, Sunflower 1month

“Mom…there’s something wrong with Bun bun. She’s not fighting me.” 

At 10:15am this statement made our day come to a screeching halt. There stood Milena craddling her bunny, Sunflower. Her wide blue eyes brimmed with moisture. Her voice concerned and confused.

Sunflower was alert but lethargic. Not at all our psycho, aggressive female friend. She’d rather scratch you and run away than let you pet and snuggle her most days.

I took Miss Bun bun from Milena……she was so floppy and skinny. I had seen her eat and drink the day before…Milena found a towel and we lightly wrapped her in it.

Milena asked to take her to the vet. 

“They will most likely put her to sleep.”

“That’s okay…I am scared.”

So we got ready and were just about to get in the truck when I looked down at the limp bunny. Her eyes widened and started to struggle to breathe. I knew she wouldn’t make the 20min drive to the vet. So, I sat down on my desk chair and called Milena over.

“We have to say Goodbye. We won’t make it to the vet Missy.” 

Her eyes grew sad and tears started to run. I pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to spill out deep heartbroken sobs. I told her to pet Sunflower and tell her she’s allowed to go to sleep….she reached her hand down and gave her a pet, but couldn’t say a thing.

The grief bursting out of my little 9yr old daughter pressed against my chest and her dying little friend on my lap broke my heart. I started to sing…

“Go to sleep little bunny. Go to sleep little friend…..” 

10:30am Miss Sunflower took her last breath wrapped in love. We found small box to put her in until Bill woke up and could help us bury her.

The sun is shinning on Sunflowers grave.

We placed her next to the Owl and the chick. So they all have company in the little clearing behind the garage. 

It was a sad Goodbye…


Hot’n’sweet Chili Sauce🌶


That statement is not to be taken lightly. We are not a family who enjoys hot/spicy food. This is delicious.

I ended up doubling the recipe. If you like spicy…I suggest 3-4 times the amount of hot peppers or get super spicy ones. 

Finely chopped ingredients cooking down…

Bernardin recipe I followed.

8x500ml jars

Mabon Blessings

Autumnal Equinox is here.

My world is decending into its deep slumber. 

A frost kissed world is all around me. The fog hugs the trees hiding their changing leaves. 

Frost kissed Calendula

My mornings have been -2°c for the past two weeks. A fire in our little livingroom heater has been lit to take the chill out. 

Sweaters and socks are a must now. 

May you all be blessed with an abundant harvest, warmth through the winter and love of friends and family. 🍁🍂💛

I send special Ostara/ Spring Equinox Blessings to all my friends in the Southern Hemisphere. 🌱🌷💗


Oh what a foggy cold morning. 

The foliage is definitely changing to its beautiful palette of fall plumage. Mother Earth is sure using her full array of coloured pencils. 🍁🍂❤

All my garden plants that were left in the garden were covered in ice droplets. 


Greenhouse clean up

Fall is here…

Autumnal Equinox is only a few days away and the temperature and landscape are changing. 



AFTER….Yet to come…