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Spooktacular and Scary

Helloooo fellow spooks and…non-spooks, I guess is what I’ll call them. *Ahem* Pardon me. 


It has been faaaaar too long since I last did a book review…whoops! But now I’m back with not one, not two, but THREE spooktacular books for all you who are going to celebrate Hallowe’en, and are looking for some ghost stories, zombie-munching tales, or some monster-under-the -bed type jazz. Well do I have some tales for you!

First one (we’re doing it from creepiest to creepyish) is The Infects by Sean Beaudoin. Alright, spook alert: if you are terrified of zombie invasions the way some people are terrified of heights, the dark or adorable cats, DO NOT read this book! Even if you are not terrified of zombie invasions, I would still not reccomend your read this during the night or rigt before going to sleep or hiking. I made the mistake of reading it right before bed (or half of it anyway)…Worst…idea…EVER. I was kicking myself over it when I woke up at midnight. So unless your looking to creep yourself out of sleep or you are not afraid of zombies at all…then don’t read it at night.

Alrighty, on with the book. I can’t really describe it without spoiling it outright. So a brieff runsown; “Nero” ,Nick. Fail. Rehabilitation hike in the forest goes sour. Zombies. Eat people. This book is quite descriptive in how the poor people were eaten. Chicken nuggets casued it. I am seriously swearing off KFC for awhile now. 

That about does it. I don’t want to say anyhing more or I’ll ruin it, because as scary as it was, it’s a good book. So, I’ll just motor along to the next two.

Both books are relatively the same, so I’ll lump’em together. Both are non-fiction, or at least that is where you’d find them in most libraries.

No.1 ~ Canadian Ghost Stories by Barbara Smith

No.2 ~ Ghost Stories of British Columbia by Jo-Anne Christensen

Yay!! CANADIAN GHOST STORIES!! I would have picked one from another country(Germany has quite a few spooky ones as does Japan)but sadly I do not own any books with ghost stories from other countries. If any of you know of any I could get my hands on, please let me know.

You can probably guess what both books are about. No.1 contains “true” stories of peoples experiemces with ghosts which they re-told to this Barbara Smith and she wrote them in a book. Some are pretty good! Others…nnnnot so much. But it is a good read. As is No.2 which ia kinda the same but set in BC only. Places that are haunted , who haunts there, etc.

I think that about covers it! And once again, The Infects, is a scary book so don’t read it to younger kids/siblings or let thsm read it unless you think they can handle it.

Happy Spooky All Hallow’s Eve! 

Yours, Seren Llewellyn



Today I started the drying process of the ginger I bought on Monday. 

I bought three of the biggest pieces of ginger I could find at the Canadian Wholesale Club store in Burns Lake. I wish it was organic…but no such luck. 

Some BIG Ginger.

I broke up the fingers and then peeled each piece. I then sliced it as thinly as safely possible. I finely chopped it so it dried a bit faster and will be easier for me to store in my saved glass jar.

Chopping ginger

All chopped and ready for drying.

I arranged the finely chopped Ginger on screens on the dehydrator trays. Unfortunately with this older dehydrator I have to turn the trays and switch them around. It has a bad habit of almost burning my food. 

I did have a different one but unfortunately after about 5years of high use it died…😔

The Ginger will be used in tea for cold/flu season mainly. I may try rehydrating for cooking with or grind it up into a powder for adding to Chinese food.

The last of the ginger I dried 2yrs ago.


Time of creation

This time of year sends me into a flurry of creative energy. I get the urge to crochet, knit or embroider. 

So I had a brilliant idea after I saw this pattern on the yarn sleeve. I love the colours and the simplicity. I am not a very accomplished fibre artist in any sense…but my thought was…Yule presents for the girls.

Yarnspiration Spectrum Afghan Pattern(easy)

I talked it over the the money maker of the family and he thought it was a great gift idea. So, onto the website I went and chise the colours for two different blankets. That was a process onto its own. Yikes!

Miss S’s Blanket colours. I tried to match to the colours of her room. 

A~Royal blue, B~cobalt blue, C~perfect plum, D~purple, E~blackberry, F~chocolate, G~taupe and H~black.

Then there is Miss M’s…I had a hard time with hers…I am still iffy about the colours. 

A~berry blue, B~blue mint, C~limelight, D~Grape, E~red, F~watermelon, G~mango, H~white

When I finally got my yarn in the mal from Ontario, which only took a week, I started on Miss S’s blanket.

Yarn A for Miss S’s afghan

I got to 11 rows of 12 and ran out of the colour…I looked on the yarn sleeve and the on the website to compare….well freakin’ hell! I needed 2balls of each colour not 1! 😡 so I ordered again and waited another week.

Now I am trying to make up for lost time….

3 colours in…royal blue, cobalt blue and perfect plum.

Stitching here, stitching there, stitching everywhere. Stitching every spare minute. In a chair. In the truck. During a family get togethers too. 😊

I will up date as I go….

More frosty pictures

A bunch of frosty photos from around the property. Oct 21 2017…


Frosty spruce

Frosted Potentilla


Spikey frosted Potentilla

Crunchy moss

Yellow Tansy and cube frost(what I call it)

Cube frost up close on Yellow Tansy


Frosty field grasses

Spikey frosted Willow leaves

Crystallized Foxtail grass

Foxtail grass

I hope you enjoy my photos. ❤D


It has been pouring down buckets of rain today. Odd weather change compared to last week when it was snowing. Not too strange though for this area.

Oct 17th

Oct 17th

Oct 17th

You had so many -6°c days. Which made for so many frosty pictures.

Anyways, back to today…

I spent this mornig from 10:23 am to 11:30am trenching our driveway and cleaning out and dredging the trench alongside the big coop. We have a lake growing in the backyard. Ugh!

Lake in the backyard…deeper and bigger than it looks

Before trenching…

Driveway flooding from road run off

Instead of the water going into the ditch it is running down the driveway

After Trenching…

No more flooding.

All trenched

The rain is still coming down and not supposed to stop until tomorrow evening. Then it is supposed to get cold again…