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Winter scenes

My photos are going backwards….

Today December 28, 2017 -18°c and snowing.

Snowing and blowing on Palling Road

December 27, 2017 -20°c and sunny.

Me snug in my new X-mas padded jacket

Flowers snug under their blanket

December 25, 2017 -27°c and windy

The wood furnace is doing it’s job

December 23, 2017 -29°c

Frost on the inside of our front door.

December 22, 2017 -21°cj

December 21, 2017 Winter Solstice -15°c

The temperature is dropping more and more…in 3 days it is supposed be -38°c or lower. These temperatures do not include windchill….🌬❄

Stay warm or cool depending on where you live. I’ll be snuggly warm in my sweaters and pressing on. 😊



A little bit of Yule&Christmas🎄

December 21st 2017 – 

Winter Solstice to some.☀️ Yule to others.🕯🎄

Good reading

Popcicle stick Glitter Stars

Glitter stars hanging in our window

Yule was very quiet. As usual…we made glitter stars to hang in our livingroom window. I read to the girls about Winter Solstice and they did a Winter Solstice activity sheets I found on line.

December 24th-26th

Christmas Eve 🎄🎅to Boxing Day🎁

Santa comes soon!

Our Lego village

Stuffing the Turkey

Yum…dinner is served

Coffee and Carols

Movie time



Our Christmas celebration always includes way too much food. Haha! Christmas eve is our family dinner. Christmas day until New Years is leftovers and snacking….as long as the food holds out. 😁

Boxing day breakfast. Turkey, cranberry, salad mix croissant

We had Grandma J over for the feast and then present opening Christmas Day. Then Boxing Day we went to her house to have dinner with her and 2 of Bill’s step-siblings. 

SOOOOOO…full! I am eating spinach dip and sourdough bread bowl for breakfast…so full…so good.😜

Yule/Winter Solstice Blessings and Merry Christmas to you all. May your New Year be bright and full of good.🎆✨🎇🎉

❤Drisana and The Rest of the Peters Family! 

10 Ways to Celebrate Yule

Some good ideas for celebrating Yule. Thank you Moody Moons!❤

Moody Moons

10 Ways to Celebrate Yule

1.  Create some ice art.  With overnight temperatures below freezing in most of the US, it’s the perfect time to make some impermanent art.  Fill a rum cake pan with water, evergreens and cranberries and leave it outside to freeze.  When it’s rock solid, place a candle in the center hole, light it and leave it on your front porch to welcome guests in from the cold during your holiday get together.

2.  Make hot cocoa from scratch.  There is nothing more heartwarming than a piping hot cup of real, homemade hot chocolate.  Invite over some friends or gather your family to enjoy an evening in your living room around this delicious treat.

3.  Build a Yule fire.  Yule is most often associated with the Yule log, but you can also “season” a fire with traditional Yule herbs.  Toss in a handful of cedar, a sprig of rosemary and…

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Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings! Blessed Yule! Merry Christmas! Blessing for whatever Holiday you celebrate at this time of year.

Our home is starting to smell absolutely delicious. I am late on my baking spree and all the other holiday  craziness. My right Kidney decided it was the perfect time to rebel and landed me in the local Hospital Emergency in extreme pain. I was prescribed painkillers(only took 2) and antibiotics …both of which I never take until absolutely necessary. I have done my 10 days and doctor check up, Dr.Nogela says I will survive! 😉 Yay! 

Now I am working on making myself feel like a normal Human-momma type person again. 

My attempt at Human-Momma

Sour cream cookies

I got the girls to help me kick off the Holiday baking spree by making Sour Cream cookies. They are a soft-cake like cookie…all depending on how thin you roll out the dough(which is sticky).

Mmmm…first two trays baked

Miss M and S having cookie cutter fun

While they got the cookies going, I got the sausages cooking and the pastry dough made for Sausage rolls.

Now to make:

  • Sugar cookies
  • Naniamo bars
  • Lemon squares
  • Wishing cookies
  • Cheese puffs
  • Jam jams
  • Dinner buns…

I have more but this list makes me overwhelmed as is. Lol! I know it really doesn’t take that long to make them. I was trying hard to be organized this year so I could actually enjoy the process of Yule and Christmas. Haha! So much for that idea. 😄

At least I got the decorating done before the “attack of the Kidney”. I didn’t go crazy with baubles this year. 

We haven’t had any new snow since November. It has been a nice reprieve from shovelling. The temperature sure has dipped though. It got down to -20°c overnight. So far it has only warmed up to -14°c. ⛄ Which means I have a very good excuse to stay indoors and bake! 

Yule is in two days!!🕯 The return of the Sun and longer daylight is coming.☀️❤

Sorry about the abrupt stop…momma duty calls. 

Blessings ❤D


I love 💜 snail mail…

I love 💜 sending letters.

I love 💜 receiving letters.

This year I almost didn’t send out cards for Yule/Christmas. It would have been the first time since I was 16. (But…I did. 30…and I am not done yet.)

I wrote on my personal fb page that I really wasn’t feeling that it was worth my time or saved money to send any cards out. What for? People don’t reciprocate anymore. I don’t ever require a card in return but…when I/we only get 4 cards it becomes a downer. Do I/we not cross my friends and relatives minds? I am sorry but e-cards and well wishes on fb or where ever just don’t cut it for me.

No one takes the time anymore. It isn’t that they don’t have time. They don’t make the time. Turn off the TV and pick up a pen. A simple note to some one you care about is really not that hard. You sit on transit there’s a moment. Instead of fb at your desk, take a five second moment to write a Hi! On a post it and stick it in a envelope. Be creative…

I have heard multiple excuses

  • No time
  • No cards or pretty paper
  • No money for a stamp
  • No time to stop at the Post Office. 

Bah! Who needs a pretty card or stationary? You have a pen, pencil, marker, crayon, dirt, paint…use it on a napkin, lined paper, scrap paper from the recycle bin, wrapping paper found under the couch, reciept…the limits are endless. You can whip up an envelope with easily. 

As for money for a stamp and time to stop at the post office…if you can buy a coffee every morning you can definitely afford a freaking stamp. You can buy booklets of stamps. Keep them in your purse or wallet(I do). That way they are handy and can be slapped on the corner of the envelope and thrown into a Mail Box on a corner or wherever they happen to appear. 

I have to drive 20minutes to town to buy stamps at the Post Office. Then go home write letters and then drive 5 minutes to my nearest Mail Box. OR I write a few letters and then mail them off when I’m in town once or twice a month. So, really there is no excuse.

Well……that turned into a rant that I wasn’t expecting. Hmm. I guess it has been bugging me more than I thought.

So…pick up that writing impliment and paper and surprise a friend.



I put out suet/seed blocks for little Chickadees and have been blessed with numerous visits. ❤


The Tree

Today is the day to get the Yule/Christmas tree!! 

We doned our snowsuits, boots, toques, and gloves and headed out into the sunshine.

The quest begins…

High in the mountains there is magic in the air. The snow waist deep as we plow our way through to the tree we see…the perfect tree. The tree to help us welcome the coming back of the Sun and longer daylight hours. 

Magic is in the air.

“What about this one?”9

“What about this one?” I hear from the depths of the snow filled space in front of me.

“Where are you?”

A pink coat appears over a hill of snow “Over here…this one is nice.” Floats over the air as the pink coat disappears again. 

The tree was way way to tall. Onto the next one tree. We all agree It is The Tree! So the snow gets cleared away and the zip zip of the handsaw fills my ears. Then a crack…errrrrrrr…pofffff!  

Down goes The Tree…

Then we drag The Tree through knee deep snow on an old road to the ploughed main road. There the girls and I wait as Bill walks down the road to get the truck.

Milena enjoys sliding down a hill while waiting for the truck.

Off to get the truck.

Bill and I heave The Tree into the back of the truck and tie is down with a ratchet tie-down strap so The Tree doesn’t stay out in the cold. 

Loaded and ready to go

When we get home we measure and trim and set The Tree up in the living room. Thankfully the branches didn’t have much snow or ice. The Tree was able to come inside right away. 

Our new castiron tree stand🎄❤

We drilled a little hole in the bottom of the trunk so the little spike can help hold the tree steady, then clamping it tight we make sure The Tree is straight and then step back to admire our 2017 Yule Tree! 

The Tree🎄❤

I will fill the base numerous times with water everyday as it sucks up as much water as it can. We don’t want Our Tree to dry out untill into the New Year.

With that I welcome you all to our Family’s Holiday Season! Let the decorating, baking, drinking and feasting begin…