Monthly Archives: Feb 2018


Up the 8foot hill of snow the mountaineers climb. The throw themselves off with giggle fits. The best types of memories.

Our house playing hide and seek.

We got 2feet 2inches of snow in a 24hour period! I am ever so thankful for our lovely neighbors down the way. Dean brought his excavator over and scrapped our driveway😊 My back is even more thankful for not having to shovel the 2ft.

At the end of the snow storm, there were to phases, the sun came out and we got to play in a foot of fresh new snow.

A foot of new snow at the end of the 2nd part of the snow storm

The snow hit a bullseye!

In total we have 5feet of snow on the ground. Our five foot fence wire is not visible in places and visible where the wind blew it away. I was able to save my greenhouse from collapsing. Unfortunately a few people in our area lost theirs or had to cut the plastic to save theirs.

My greenhouse is standing

Now I really can’t wait for Spring…I need to find my BBQ!

May isn’t too far away.

❄Cheers Drisana