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Spring and new adventures

Oh boy…I have been slacking on the blog. If you follow the Eternal Bloom Farm page on Facebook you know all the happenings…I find it so much easier to share snippets there.

I can’t believe it is already March 20th Ostara(Spring Equinox)!

Yesterday, the girls and I were out enjoying sunshine…

And I even put my toes on the soil…

Ahhhh. Mother Earth😍 she revitalizes me. I can’t wait to go barefoot all the time.

I have some exciting and scary news about our Farm…

I shared the news yesterday on my Personal Fb page and mentioned it on the Farm Page

I, with Bill’s help, will be starting a teeny tiny Herb Farm business project.
I am starting small as I don’t want to overwhelm myself and I am not sure how well this will go.
Eternal Bloom Farm will become a Herb Farm. 😊🌱🌻
I will be offering dried culinary and medicinal herbs, edible flowers and tea blends. Fresh herbs for those around me.
I am actually quite terrified as this is way way out of my comfort zone, but I have a few friends cheering me on and Bill’s support and business know-how to help me.
I have also been given the tumbs up👍to donate extra fresh produce to our local food bank…which makes me super duper happy. I have always wanted to help feed low income families.

So begins a new adventure. Slow and steady. I don’t want this business project to become a “job” and to lose the love and fun of gardening. I have always wanted to use my passion in a positive and helpful way and make a little income too.

I am ever so blessed to have Bill to support me along the way. He has the business know-how and understands all the legal and money talk. I know how to grow to herbs and produce.

I promise to keep everyone updated on here. I hope to one day add an online store eventually. For now I will post what I have available on our Facebook page…


Let the adventure begin…



Good News

February 14th 2018, we had wonderful news finally about the house!



After 3 years of paying, waiting, and greed induced fear of loss Bill finally signed all the paperwork to transfer ownership of this 4.8 acre piece of property into his name. It was such a relief. 🙂

I wish it hadn’t been surrounded by the grief of losing Mr.Odin (Jan 20th) and then Miss Gaia(Feb 11)….

We are trying to deal with all the changes that have happened at once. Our minds haven’t quite accepted this house and property as “OURS” yet. After always renting we are still in that mindset. Don’t worry this is slowly changing. Our future plans to fix and finish the house are manifesting.

One way to show it is buying a can of primer and white paint. Plans to knock out a couple walls and get rid of the rest of the gross 1960s and 70s fake wood grain panels. There is also the water filteration system that has to go in, new window and roof, and flooring too.

Oh, the brains are starting to churn and looking forward.

❤ Drisana