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Dancing in the sky

The Sandhill Cranes have made the trek to Northern BC!

Spring is here…my favourite sound is their “purrrrrr”. Last night, April 18, Bill and I got to watch four large flocks dance gracefully across the sky over our home. Among the biggest flock dancing through a Thermal there were surprise dancers…

These are not the greatest of photos. I used my binocular camera phone lens…

Rainbow cloud sharing the sky.

Here they come

1st flock went behind our trees.

An Eagle dances with the Sandhill Cranes in a Thermal

A pair of Eagles dancing on the Thermals

Twisting and turning

Flock back in formation after a bit of Thermal dancing fun

Good bye!

It was amazing to see tje two Eagles shwoop and sway, twist and turn around with the Cranes.

After a half an hour of watching the “purrrrring” flocks dance over us, they headed off to the southwest….

More will make the journey over us possibly. Last year we didn’t more than 3 flocks in total…I feel so honoured.

If you get the chance read Miracle at Willowcreek by Annette LeBox

Yes it is meant for a young audience, but as a 41yr old woman, I still enjoyed the story and the information on The Polder Pitt in the back.



Signs of Spring

We are starting to experience warmer weather and the snow is receeding. It is about time.

Robin in my Western Ash tree

Cheeky Squirrel…

Receeding snow…Warm enough to replace Seren’s single pane window from the 1960’s.

There are Canadian Geese and Sandhill cranes flying overhead.

Canadian Geese walking in a line at the local landfill.

We have huge flocks of Juncos and Chickadees in our yard. They are singing and fluttering energetically…telling me Spring must be here.

The mud/ice season is upon us.



Quite a bit of nothing has been happening.

There was more snow then melting, then snow and rain and sun and snow…you know unpredictable weather that happens around that time called ‘Spring’.

Chipping ice…it was level with porch floor…

Top of chair…yep that much snow. Around 3ft

Then there was the beginnings of reno type projects. New drywall for the wall….what a crazy gong show. Walls are not straight. The go on a downward angle from outside wall to me taking the photo. 😜

Then there was felling two, actually three dead and dangerous Poplar trees. The first bonfire of 2018, situated on top of 3ft of snow. Leaving us with a hyge crater to try to roast our hotdogs over. Mom slacked on the mallows. I swear I had some stashed…but alas no mallows.

Poplar(cottonwood) are dangerous trees when dead.

A couple weeks ago I stuck some mesculn mix and two types of lettuce in the frozen soil of the greenhouse. Cut open a black garbage bag and put slits in the plastic for the the seedlings to pop through and cover with hoops and 6mil plastic. I ignored them andthen kind of gave up…as it snowed and got down to -20c overnight. Well,I ended up having success. The seeds germinated even in the freezing temps. The greenhouse got only to +10c twice.

Russian tarragon



I decided to start some herbs that take 10weeks to get going and have been watching them grow. Hoping the snow melts and the ground doesn’t take too long to dry out.*snort* A lady gardener can dream.

Yesterday, April 10th our oldest daughter turned 16! Unfortunately we don’t have anyone here to invite over. 3yrs and no friends. Not from the lack of trying…just haven’t connected with anyone.

Her Grandma J took her out for lunch. I would have, and should have been the one, but I have no vehicle with Bill working days now.

Lemon/orange cheescake and our 16yr old daughter.

I have been watching the sunrises. Only catching a few with my camera. Too busy enjoying them to photograph them.

April 11 2018 -4c 6:15am

The snow has been melting and this morning my day started off with breaking up the ice in the trench along the front of the garage to prevent it from flooding. I have promoted myself from perpetual snow shovelling to Ice break. Lol!

Here’s to more sunshine and warmer weather.

This is the longest winter we have had here. I am so ready to have Spring. Oh to have dirt! And warmth. No more furnace fire to deal with or snow…😊