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This post has been a hard one to write.

When I was farmsitting in June the beef cows got into the duck enclosure…They had a Moscovy momma sitting on LOTS of eggs. The young cows would shove their noses into the nesting house in search of food…this egg rolled out of the nesting house and got stepped on. (Stupid cows)

I borrowed my friend Samantha’s incubator to try and save this wee baby…

It hatched. It did very well until the 3rd day….

We placed the wee duckling in heart decorated envelope and placed it in the ground next to the Owl, Sunflower(Milena’s Bunny), and little chick.

We tried…

But Mother Nature had other plans for this wee duckling.

💔 D


Wood and woodshed

This post is a bit late…

With Mr.Bill going away this fall to school we had to “cheat” on getting our firewood.

We usually go out every weekend and get our firewood starting August 1st. We don’t have time this year as we had to rebuild our woodshed. We use about 10cords of wood each winter as it is the only way we can afford to heat our house.

Thank you Harry for your amazing service! He is one of the last self-load trucks in our area that sells logging truck loads of firewood.

Thank the Goddess for Harry! We would be utterly screwed if we didn’t find him.


We had to tear down the old woodshed and rebuild. After 40yrs of use, the old woodshed had started to cave in…that and the privious owners brilliant idea to raise the roof and actually finish the process didn’t help.

Our amazing neighbour to the right, Dean, with a machine dumped and leveled out road crush for us. Then we went over it with a rake and decided how we wanted to rebuild the woodshed.

One Afternoon, Seren, came back from delivering eggs to our neighbour to the left with news of a weird critter on the logs. So, I had to investigate ’cause that’s the way I am.

There sat a Fat Gopher…a crap…stay away from my garden.

Gopher friend on the logs.

Hello there Mr.Gopher…you need to go away. My garden is not safe with you here.

Back to woodshed building.

Forms placed

We hand mixed wheelbarrow loads of cement.

Forms filled now to dry

Since there was a little cement leftover, I decided to divide it between 4 ice cream buckets and make a couple stepping stones for a garden.

Shells and stones from our travels to the Pacific Ocean.

Once the cememt was dry the wall building could begin. We stuck to the original woodshed look but made it a little skinnier…by a foot.

Thor being our foreman. 😊

Tada! The Woodshed is finished!

Now my job really begins…I stacked the leftover wood from the old woodshed into the new one. Now I have to wait for Mr.Bill to buck up the firewood and then it is chop and stack for me. 😊

âĪ D



July 20 2012
My children are using their imagination!!! Woohoo!

They are playing that they are living as First Nations up in the bush beside the spring…they have built a fire pit and a bed in a little sheltered spot. Milena is a indian princess hunter. Seren is staying around their camp cooking,etc. I love that they have figured out that imagination is FUN!!!

Haha! Seren caught a chucken and said “there dinner…hey mom? Did Indians eat chickens?”, “No.”, “Oh right they ate grouse! This is a grouse then.” The poor Leghorn chicken looks a little uncertain about its role in her head!

Every once in awhile I find little memories off Facebook or in my journals that make me proud, sad, happy or just nastalgic for Yurt Life…

At this time we had just finished our first year Homeschooling and Seren had done a lot of learning about 1st Nations and Pioneers.

Even now I notice they use pieces of information they have learned over the year in their play, writing and drawing. 😊


June 29 – Garden

A little late I know….but better late than never.

Potatoes…3 varieties

Red and Green Cabbage, Dill and volunteer potato plants

Golden Heirloom Beans(back), String beans, Summer Savory

Turnips, Parsnips and 2 varieties of Swiss Chard

Red, White, Yellow Onions and Detroit Red Beets

Orchard Baby Corn

Sorrel, Perrenial onions and Painted Mountain corn

Cherry Belle and White Icicle Radishes, Spinach and Carrots

Black Beauty Zucchini

3 varieties of Basil

Broccoli, purslane and chamomile

2 varieties of Cauliflower, Celery and volunteer Carrots

White and Purple Kolrabi, Golden Beets and a unknown variey of Winter Squash

2 varieties of Peas, carrots, lettuce

Asparagus, 3 varieties of Cherry tomato plants, Lemon Basil and Parsley

Mint bed

Blk pot: Horseradish, Fr: Sage, Mid: Raspberries, Back: motherwort & Horehound

Fr: Clary Sage & Oregano, B2: Winter Savory, B3: thymes, Rosemary, B4: Feverfew, Valerian and Evening Primrose


Cilantro, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and Carrots

2 varieties of tomato, carrots and Chili pepper

Cilantro, Chickpeas, Basil, Lettuce and cukes

4 varieties of Hot peppers, Lemon Balm and Cukes

Luffa, Cucumbers, Tarragon, Bay, Rue, cumin

Lemon Balm and a cucumber seedling

Things have changed and grown a lot since June 29th. I will update as soon.


The Bee that fingered me

As I tried to take photos of my Daylilies that had finally bloomed nicely I noticed a little Bee hanging out on a bud.

I love trying to capture insects and bugs with my camera. So what a perfect opportunity.

Well I snapped a couple photos and got a step closer when I noticed the Bee was lifting it’s middle leg. Haha! I remembered from a book I had read that this was a warning sign to “Fuck off!”.

So I stopped moving forward and used my zoom option and told the little Bee friend I was just taking its photo so I could admire its beauty in the future when my world is wrapped in snow.

When I got some good photos I left the Bee to do its thing, giggling to myself.

So remember when you are getting the middle finger…or leg…it is a warning that you are getting to close. Give the creature a bit of space and enjoy is beauty.



First few Haskaps at the end of June

Top – Berry Blue Bottom – Aurora

There are only a few berries left to ripen on the little bushes and then they are done for the year.

I am so happy with the amount berries. This is first ever time they have formed berries. It is only up from here. 😊

âĪ D

Garden Tiger Moth

A few weeks ago I was wandering around the yard and dreaming of what to do with our neglected backyard, when I stumbled upon a bright brown creature.

After a few hours of searching in my books and on the net, I found out what this beautiful moth was.

Most photos of this type of moth were black and white looking. It wasn’t until it opened it’s outer wings and showed my the bright orange and black underwings. I looked in my old itty bitty Butterfly and Moth book and found it.

A femal Garden Tiger Moth.

After showing the girls and Bill we left it be. I love finding such beautiful treasures in my yard.