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The map above shows about where Our home is in relation to the fires here in The Burns Lake, Fort St.James and Fraser Lake area of BC. We are safe for now but the evacuation zones keep changing daily.

Bill and I are prepare to leave if need arises. We have experience in this area, unfortunately and started preparing in the early stages.

Morning sky…can’t see our neighbours.

The air the past two days has been smoke-free. Today not so much. It all really depends on which way the wind blows.

The lare flames in center of BC is where we are.

These fires are moving quickly. Sometimes up to 10km a day. Due to the fact that our forests are Pine Beetle kill, which makes the trees deadly dry. It is very scary.

I will post more later about the things going on. For now I need to get a couple loads of firewood from the field to the house. Winter still comes and Bill leaves for 6weeks to school 5-6hrs away in Mid-Sept.

Ciao for now.



Garden goodies

August 5th 2018

Today I harvested a dinner plate sized Broccoli head and a smaller one.

Just a small head of broccoli!

Peas, Broccoli and zucchini

A meal all on its own

The tomatoes are all growing well and producing fruit finally!

I spied a tiny purple Cauliflower trying to grow. I bought 2 plants and only one survived.

Harvesting and the craziness of putting food by for the winter is beginning.

All ready….