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This is Leo.

Leo is a Lionhead cross.

Leo belongs to Miss Milena.

Leo has the most awesome hairdo I have ever laid my eyes on!

Leo is a Gentleman.

Leo loves to drag Milena around the yard by his lead.

Leo helped mend Milena’s broken heart after her Sunflower died at the age of 7.

🐇❤ Every bunny needs some bunny to love.




On Sept 15th we had 2inches of snow on the ground.

Thor wasn’t sure what the hell had happened overnight. He is only 4 and a half months old. Snow is absolutely odd to him. Lol!

He did figure out that it is fun to eat and play in.

0c at 7am and snow

3c at 3:30pm and raining.

The snow is gone, but the chill is still here. Today is the first day in 3days the sun has peeked out.

Off to clean up more in the yard.


A day of colours🍁

September 18th 2018
The fog is enveloping my little piece of the world.
The chickadees and Nuthatches are back in full force. 8 ducks whistled by overhead, while the purring of a couple cranes can be heard in the distance.

The foliage on the wild Gooseberry bush is turning a vibrant red and dark burgandy.

My blueberry bushes look like they are on fire.

I collected the last of the remaining rose hips in the yard. I cut them in half and removed the seeds and hairs then place them out to dry. These will be added to my winter cold teas.

The large Ash tree in my Ever Evolving Rock Garden has formed massive amounts of berries this year encouraging the little flitty birds to stop for a snack. The leaves on part of the tree have become orange and yellow.

The Saskatoon bushes are putting on a real show. I swear they are trying out shine the sun.

The deep freeze and snow on Friday night and Saturday sure sent fall into overdrive.

That is okay. We needed it. The fires are almost out and our well is slowly regenerating from this summers drought.


A shift in the air

The air is growing colder and the sun rises later and in a different station in the sky.

The garden has gone to sleep over two weeks early and there is close to a centimetre of snow forecasted for tomorrow morning with a -7c temperature.

Mother Nature has decided to skip fall this year. Just as she skipped a proper summer.

She has her Fall Paint box out and has been transforming my world fast.

Ash Berries

Little Larch cone

Fireweed is vibrant

Saskatoon leaves are sunshine gold.

A couple of fires around us are contained. The biggest one Nadina/Verdun fire is unfortunately still burning in areas and many are still not able to go back home as the Evacuation Orders have not been lifted.

We are very thankful to have gotten our load of firewood brought to us this year. The forests are still closed to the public.

Bill leaves for school on Sunday. Without that wood we would be very poor and cold this winter. The price to heat this house with electricity is insane.

The girls started their home learning year quietly. I can’t believe we have made it to gr6 and gr 11.

We will hit learning hard next week once we have finished fall clean up and Bill is off and away for his learning adventure.

I haven’t done much in the way of canning this year, as we never got down south for fruit. I did have a lovely friend of Bill’s gift us a flat of organic Tomatoes🍅 and pears 🍐and some apples🍏🍎.

The apples will be eaten fresh and some will be dried. Though they are very crisp, they are more sauce type apples.

Anyways, I am off and away. Got to get supper prepped and a bit more cleanup done outside.