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Monday, October 8th 2018 was Thanksgiving here in Canada.

Bill was able to come home from his Apprenticeship schooling for the long weekend.

We spent more of the weekend just hanging out and doing that what we normally do.

Bill had to study while he was home, as he had a exam on Tuesday when he got back to school.

On Saturday after doin town errands, I made a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Ham glazed with brown sugar and homegrown garlic. Roasted sweet potato, parsnip and carrots topped with sourcream and seasoning salt. Strawberry Spinach salad with berry vinagrette and slivered almonds.

I also made a non-traditional dessert as well.

Chocolate cup(bought on sale) filled with dark chocolate mousse and topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Sooooo, yummy!

Bill’s mom joined us for supper.

On Sunday, we went to his mom’s for a Thanksgiving BBQ! Bill’s stepbrother, sister-in-law and their young adult children came.

I love the non-traditional feeling. We are saving the traditional feast for Yule & Christmas.

Thanksgiving is not the same here in Canada as in the USA. I have had to explain that to fb friends many times. It is not about celebrating one thing. For me, it is celebrating the final Harvest.

Most of the leaves have fallen from the Poplars, Willows and roses. The forest grasses, fireweed, and other foliage have turned all shades of red, brown and yellow.

The temperature doesn’t get up past 7c during the day. Fall is in its last throws…

🍁 Blessings


Orb Spider

Orb spider

Taken from Lone Pine – Bugs of British Columbia book

This spiders abdomen was approximately 1.5cm.

When I found it I thought it was a pebble. Thor(our puppy) had sniffed it and was about to pick it up, as he loves chewing on rocks. Ugh.

Anyways, I flipped it over. And realized it was a spider! Cue creepy crawlies. Lol

I scooped it onto a dried leaf and moved it to a safe spot under my Comfrey plant after I took these photos. 😊