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Frosty December 25 2018

Frosty life outside my Christmasy Kitchen window.

From my kitchen window

After a breakfast of waffles, whipped cream, thickened huckleberries, syrup and bacon we all opened our gifts and then headed outside into -13c for a bit of X-country skiing on the property.

❄Well, I didn’t go skiing. I went for a wander to enjoy some silence and a very frosty world. ❄

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.



December 18th brought snow❄

8inches of snow fell, finally blanketing our world in white.

Ash tree

Part of the garden with her blanket of white

Looking down Palling Road W from our driveway

Pine tree festooned in its finery

Looking into our little forest

Poplar rounds under snow. I love the rings.

Poplars and Pines

Frost season…

The snow has not yet come, as it should in December. Especially by December 11th!

Instead we are having a Season of Frost. Frost falls from no where. It blows from the objects, trees and who knows where at time.

Frost is Mother Natures winter artwork.

It sparkles in the slightest sunlight.

Staying warm here in North Central BC.