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School already!

Since when is this allowed to happen?!

I don’t ever recall saying these two were allowed to grow up. 🤔 

We actually started schooling at the beginning of this week. 

Miss M worked on Origami, something recently fell in love with…

Miss S…well she has been reading and writing as per the usual and drawing/painting.

We always take the 1st month super slow. Especially as we still have firewood to get and harvest and preserving to get done.

Maybe they’ll allow me to share more of this years activities with all of you.



Helping others

Every year the girls write letters to Santa. Seren wrote a letter that made me proud but so sad at the same time. We haven’t had much luck making or keeping friends here our new town. Sadly we just haven’t connected with people. Her letter is a little hard to read but you should be able to get the jist.


A portion of her letter.

Well as sometimes happens…an opportunity came for Seren and Milena to help a family in desperate need.

A family of 3 lost everything to a house fire that took everything they owned. This lovely little community came together fast. We suggested that the girls donate all the cans and bottles that they had been collecting all summer, the bags we had cleaned up in the garage from the prior owner and what we had saved to the family. The girls agreed. So, the girls and Bill went out to the garage and bagged them all up. A neighbor also asked for us to pick up a bag and a few bottles she had to add to the girls’ bottle collection.


Ready to go to the Recycling Depot in Burns Lake


Ready to sort and donate

After just over an hour we had sorted all the bottles. The grand total was $53.13!!

They felt great helping out a family. I hope this has helped cover one of Seren’s wishes. I sent out a challenge to my Facebook Friends and Family to do something to help make Seren’s wish of helping other come true.

So I challenge all who follow me to do something that helps another in need. It can be as little as giving a homeless person an orange…the sky is the limit.

❤ D


We had a quiet Samhain this year.

On the 30th we all gutted and carved our pumpkins. Mine and Bill’s pumpkins were already starting to rot. We bought them the monday before, as that is our Town day. I kept them all in a nice cool dry spot, but like the fruit up here it goes bad with in a few days of getting it home. The produce that we get up here is horrible….that a rant for another time…

We got a good amount of big seeds to roast and enjoy. I let them dry for a few hours and then slathered them in olive oil and seasoned salt and put them in a 350* oven until golden brown. YUMMY!


Scooping guts…


Mine, Seren’s, Bill’s and Milena’s carved pumpkins.


All lit up and ready to scare away those negative energies…or make’m giggle.

Milena’s pumpkin looks like it is about to sneeze. My cute pumpkin with her star hair(stars wrap all the way around) is shining bright. Seren wanted to use a green glow stick in her Hazard symbol but it wasn’t bright enough. Bill is super proud of his Horny Toyota sign. hahaha! After supper we watched Hocus Pocus  with Bill. As he would be working over Samhain night.


Miss Doom Kitty and Miss Sad Doom Witch

Costumes were and are always a last minute thing. Milena loves her kitty ears and we found the perfect shirt at the thrift store the week before. Seren wasn’t sure at first what she wanted to dressup as. I made her a book skirt and bodice out of old Encyclopedia books from my mom-in-love. I said it fit her perfect she is a walking Encyclopedia…haha! In the end she decided on the Sad Doom Witch outfit. No, I don’t dressup *shrug* I have never into the whole “Halloween” thing the way most people are. THis y

Samhain landed on Monday this year. That meant Seren volunteered at the library. She helped with the Haunted Room for preschoolers. Poor Milena was sad that there were no activities for her to join in. The community rec centre did a Halloween party on the prior Saturday…sigh…I didn’t get the notification about it and I hate when they put things on on a different day than the actual holiday. After we got the shopping and volunteering done we headed home so I could finish our family hangout stuff organized.


Soul cakes…


A little of our spread…

Some how my daughters convinced my Mennonite mom-in-love to join us for our Samhain celebrations. Unfortunately I felt very uncomfortable and so didn’t do a lot of what I was wanting to do. That’s okay though. It was nice to have her come and hang out with us.

I made Soul cakes and set a place for out ancestors. I made homemade pizza with all the fixings and a feta spinach one too(my fave). We ate pizza and pigged out on our favourite junk food in front of the computer and enjoyed Scooby-doo’s Creepiest Capers and Alvin and the Chipmunks Frankenstein. Bill was able to have pizza and watched an episode before he had to go for his nap before heading to work at 10pm.

My mom-in-love said she had a enjoyable time when she left at 9pm.


My Samahian altar.

On Facebook, Sunbow Pendragon holds Candle lighting events each Sabbat. I joined in…I always set up an altar and light a candle. I only got part way on my altar this year. I never got to my ancestors and lost relative photos. I said a silent prayer.

When I was alone after everyone left and went to bed…I lit my other candles and incense and meditated. My witchy work was done during my time in the kitchen and my thoughts of love and sadness of those who are no longer alive.

During schoolwork the girls learned about the True story of Samhain/Halloween. They watched a documentary by the History channel and a couple little videos on Youtube. I found a lapbook on the Afterlife by Little Pagan Acrons and spoke about my belief of what the holiday means to me.

There you have it…my Samhain celebrations. I hope your celebrations were full of love and good cheer.

❤ D

Poems & Songs

Tonight the Burns Lake Public Library had Robert “Bob” Hamblin a poet from Houston, BC come to recite his poems and songs. His style reminds me of “Cowboy Poerty” simple yet deep and heartfelt.

I love meeting Authors and Poets from our surrounding area. I love learning about the history of an area through the stories of our Elders. Bob has lived in the Houston area since 1955. I believe Houston is about half and hour from us. He has a tremor in both hands that are only noticeable when he is turning pages. He has the kindest eyes and a genuine grandfather smile. He talked to each of the girls, shook their hands and made them feel welcomed.


It is the first time Milena actually sat through a reading without me having to “shush” her numerous times. She sat drawing and listening quietly. Seren was enthralled. Neither girls have been to a poetry reading. I was worried they’d be bored. I am glad I was wrong. I hope this inspires them.

Bob told a story behind each of the poems he recited and songs he sang. These are a few that he shared with the 8 of us:

  • CN Corridor
  • Hello Operator
  • The Bobs
  • Brother Doug
  • Camping at Francios
  • Memories of a Loved One
  • Avalanche
  • Highway of Tears
  • Old Dave Fishing

He spoke of his Brother Doug. The death of so many Moose on the CN railroad. The anguish of all the Women/girls who have gone missing on the Highway of Tears. The Bobs is about a group of guys who got stuck in a snowstorm in 2008 when 4feet of snow fell in 33hrs. Avalanche speaks of 3 young men killed in a Ski-doo accident.

All his writings are from the past and stories that inspired him to write.



I can’t wait for him to come back to Burns Lake to read from his next book…which he says is halfway written. I will definitely enjoy reading his poetry.

Great Job Bob!

❤ D



Seren 14 and Milena 8 playing with Bill’s Childhood Tonka Toys


They made many roads in my garden beds today. 🙂

This what makes my heart sing. ❤

My 14 year old is still interested in play!!

She play with Littlest Pet Shops(LPS), Monster High Dolls, Barbies, Farm Animals, Dinsaurs…she has a great imagination. They play Elves and wolves in the bush around the house. Sure her play includes a lot of teenage circumstances. Boyfriends, sex, parties, popularity…the whole kit and kaboodle. It is never overboard and usually consists of facts regurgitated from Our Bodies Ourselves or The Care and Keeping of You. I love it! I love to secretly listen to her and her 8 year old sister play together. The ideas of how and what to play and how to say things is…wonderful….refreshing.

I think this is why we have such a hard time making friends. My girls are still into play. I don’t know how to explain it. SO many kids their ages are into technology and adult things. My girls are in no hurry to grow up and I love that. I want them to enjoy their time as children. Technology is very limited and neither has a phone or gadget. They also don’t ask for it. They have actually found it quite annoying that kids are too busy with their noses in a gadget and missing the beauty around them or to play. Actually Play…running and laughing.

I know they have to grow up and they do have many responsibilities that are grown up. BUT…I require them to go outside and play. Explore. Use their imaginations.

Seeing this has helped me acknowledge that we, Bill and I, are doing something right.


❤ D

Meeting Mark Cameron

On June 27 2016 at 6:30pm I took the girls to the Burns Lake Public Library to hear a new author read from his debut book.



Mark Cameron and his masterpiece!

Mark and his wife Sheila, daughter Iris and son Simon are on a RV adventure touring BC to promote his novel ‘Goodnight Sunshine’.

When we walked in to the room He instantly said “Hey! Your the lady that held open the door for me earlier this afternoon.”

“Yes. I am” I said smiling. I had been at the library earlier to pick up Seren and he happened to be coming out as I was going in. It is something I always do. Hold open doors for people. *shrug* Habit…Seren  said”did you know that he’s an author? We bumped into eachother earlier too.Haha!”


Other than my girls and I, the head Librarian and her husband were at Mark’s book reading. It was a relaxing and intimated evening. I felt like I was just hanging out with friends. The conversation was educational and personal and not strained.

Mark spoke about what inspired the book and his time in Ecuador as a volunteer at a Biological reserve. He quipped that his mid-life crisis was a trip to Ecuador,”…much cheaper than buying a sports car.” Haha! He told of the process he went through to write his book and how the book started one way and then took on a life of it’s own. This led to a personal conversation about if any of us were writers and what we write and then suggestions of great books to help writers. Mark’s son, Simon, read part of a story he was writing, before Mark read from ‘Goodnight Sunshine’.


Simon sharing a bit of his story

Mark shared a couple of his blog posts which gave us an idea of things that inspired him and the he read us the boring chapter named chapters #6 and #25…the hidden joke was that his son, Simon, believes chapters should have good gripping names.(little jokes like this were intertwined in the evening. 🙂


Mark reading from ‘Goodnight Sunshine’

After Mark finished his reading, he took more questions. We found out that Mark and his wife, Sheila, unschool their son and daughter. So an instant connection was made…on our side anyways. I think they would have been a great family to get to know better on a personal basis.

Milena drew a picture of Mark and gave it to him at the end. She impatiently waited until the end and he noticed that she really had something to say.

Mark ended his reading with a poem he wrote called 39 days!

I bought his book and hope to be able to sneak it into my day. Maybe even do an indepth book review on ‘Goodnight Sunshine’ of my own. If you live anywhere near his last 5 stops on Vancouver Island go meet Mark.

Thank you so much to Burns Lake Public Library for bringing in amazing and interesting authors! I can’t wait for the next one…

❤ Drisana



Painted Lady Butterflies

After a few delays…..


Thank you to my FB friend, Elina, for helping me do this. ❤

6 Beautiful Chrysalides! We unfortunately missed the caterpillar stage because of the delays. They are here now and we can watch and impatiently wait for the butterflies to emerge.


We have a special delivery!


Now to throw together a netted caged…

The company has a set of instructions for making a netted hanging cage. I didn’t have the necessary materials. I decided that the mesh waste basket and a piece of a sheer curtain stretched over my big pink embroidery hoop would work.


Post was not very gentle or followed the THIS SIDE UP on the package. One Chrysalis got knocked off the paper.

The orange/yellow stuff on the bottom of the container is what they fed on as caterpillars. It is a mixture of wheat and soy and added vitamins and minerals. Can you see the webbing on the right hand side of the container? There are black bit of what was once skin they shed.


Attaching the paper to the netting.


The Chrysalides are hanging.(camera wouldn’t focus properly)

We decided to pin the paper to the netting so that they stayed in their natural way. The one Chrysalis that was knocked of the paper is well secured to the webbing.


Chrysalis(with flash to see how shiny they are) the spikes are a beautiful gold.


Two sides of the Chrysalides…


I’m not sure if this is the shed skin of a Caterpillar or if this fellow died before it could become a Chrysalis, as we didn’t see the transformation. Still absolutely cool!


This is our makeshift Netted cage.

I sure hope this cage will work.

We have to mist the Chrysalides everyday until they turn dark. Then they lose their waterproof protection.

Once the butterflies emerge we will tuck the netting into the cage so that when we go to feed them they won’t fly out into the house. I may move the emerged butterflies, in their cage, out to the greenhouse. They can’t be released when it is below 16*c out or raining. If we release them in the greenhouse( I will leave the door open)they will be warm and dry. Then when they know the time is right they can fly away.

I will update as we go…

❤ Drisana


June 25th 2016 – Release Date

With in 4 days all the Painted Lady Butterflies emerged from their Chrysalid stage. What an exciting project. Next year we will do this again for sure. We released them in  the greenhouse first as it had just been sprinkling and we were instructed not to release when below 6*c or raining and to watch for birds.

At first the butterflies didn’t want to fly out of their cage. Then they didn’t want to leave our hands.

We took them out or the greenhouse and the first 4 butterflies happily flew away over the property. 2 hung out with Milena and Seren. Even Bill got into the fun!

Over the afternoon we saw one butterfly hangout in my strawberry bed and one on the Lodgepole Pine by my garden.

This morning I was greeted by one of our painted ladies dancing over the lawn and one back in my strawberry patch.

This project was such a hit.<3

❤ Drisana