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September 2, 2007….

After 4yrs of getting to know each other, we confirmed our deep loving friendship…

Mr. and Mrs. Peters …and our wee Alien in womb.


A 10yr old bottle of white wine from our wedding.

10yrs and waiting. 

Cheers to many more years with my Best Friend. ❤🍷



Quiet struggle

I have been very unmotivated to write as of late. The weather has been beautiful and sunny but so cold. -30c with a windchill that freezes your nostril hairs into daggers. It doesn’t make any of us want to go outside to explore or cross country skiing.

School just seems to be slithering along amd ugh…on bothsides. We are all feeling snarly, growly, cabin feverish and ready for winter to be OVER!!! The sun is not helping. Nope…it is just a nasty tease.😳

I have personally been struggling with severe loneliness, depression, pain and changes that only a woman can understand. I have hit that perimenopausal time of life. Oh summery joy…I feel too young for this crap. It is making me feel super shitty. Which doesn’t help with the depression and feelings of isolation/loneliness.To combat my new situation I poured my thoughts and emotions of the passed few days into relearning and pushing my crochet abilities.

I made Milena a scarf with the yarn she recieved from her Aunty Chani and 3 motif blocks I taught myself.

…and I am in the process of producing a circular blanket. I borrowed my mom-in-love’s pattern. This just about put me over the edge. 😜 It took me 5 tries to finally get it finally right. I’d thought I had finally got it amd was cruising along then realized “nope!” And had to pul apart 100yrds of yarn out and start again… Too many points, not enough….Argggg! Then last night I finally got the stitches right and I have NO freaking idea how!!🤔 lol

Right now I really should be doing household stuff and checking on the girls…but I really don’t want to do anything. I am feeling like a super procrastinator and as slow as a sloth. Dum…pty…dump…ty…dump…

I can’t wait to be able to start seeds and get my hands in the dirt. But there is still 3 months of winter here. June 4th is our last frost date. Holy hannah. That seems SO far away. I will start making a seed inventory and get myself organized. I have started teaching the girls about the art of gardening. I will have to write a post on that in the future.

Okay, I will go now. Lol

Here’s to keeping my sanity and hope you are keeping yours. 😊


Helping others

Every year the girls write letters to Santa. Seren wrote a letter that made me proud but so sad at the same time. We haven’t had much luck making or keeping friends here our new town. Sadly we just haven’t connected with people. Her letter is a little hard to read but you should be able to get the jist.


A portion of her letter.

Well as sometimes happens…an opportunity came for Seren and Milena to help a family in desperate need.

A family of 3 lost everything to a house fire that took everything they owned. This lovely little community came together fast. We suggested that the girls donate all the cans and bottles that they had been collecting all summer, the bags we had cleaned up in the garage from the prior owner and what we had saved to the family. The girls agreed. So, the girls and Bill went out to the garage and bagged them all up. A neighbor also asked for us to pick up a bag and a few bottles she had to add to the girls’ bottle collection.


Ready to go to the Recycling Depot in Burns Lake


Ready to sort and donate

After just over an hour we had sorted all the bottles. The grand total was $53.13!!

They felt great helping out a family. I hope this has helped cover one of Seren’s wishes. I sent out a challenge to my Facebook Friends and Family to do something to help make Seren’s wish of helping other come true.

So I challenge all who follow me to do something that helps another in need. It can be as little as giving a homeless person an orange…the sky is the limit.

❤ D



Seren 14 and Milena 8 playing with Bill’s Childhood Tonka Toys


They made many roads in my garden beds today. 🙂

This what makes my heart sing. ❤

My 14 year old is still interested in play!!

She play with Littlest Pet Shops(LPS), Monster High Dolls, Barbies, Farm Animals, Dinsaurs…she has a great imagination. They play Elves and wolves in the bush around the house. Sure her play includes a lot of teenage circumstances. Boyfriends, sex, parties, popularity…the whole kit and kaboodle. It is never overboard and usually consists of facts regurgitated from Our Bodies Ourselves or The Care and Keeping of You. I love it! I love to secretly listen to her and her 8 year old sister play together. The ideas of how and what to play and how to say things is…wonderful….refreshing.

I think this is why we have such a hard time making friends. My girls are still into play. I don’t know how to explain it. SO many kids their ages are into technology and adult things. My girls are in no hurry to grow up and I love that. I want them to enjoy their time as children. Technology is very limited and neither has a phone or gadget. They also don’t ask for it. They have actually found it quite annoying that kids are too busy with their noses in a gadget and missing the beauty around them or to play. Actually Play…running and laughing.

I know they have to grow up and they do have many responsibilities that are grown up. BUT…I require them to go outside and play. Explore. Use their imaginations.

Seeing this has helped me acknowledge that we, Bill and I, are doing something right.


❤ D