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Yule and Christmas


Yule Advent


Looking the mountain to Decker Lake


Found our Yule and Christmas tree


All set up and decorated.




Our Yule craft. Pinecone feeders for our wild bird friends.


Pine cone feeders all ready to be hung in the trees.


Chickadee enjoying the feeders


Yule candle burning brightly for the day in our dinning room window.

Yule is a quiet celebration for us. I am the Practicing Pagan in our household. We were supposed to go to a bonfire at a local farm, but the weather did not work with us. It snowed heavy that night and the roads were not safe to be on.

In the morning I gave the girls a handmade cowl each and a pair of mitts(store bought) and a new Canadian Christmas Carol book and a couple movies.

Christmas was a bit more of a lively celebration as per usual…


Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve



Christmas dinner was done on Christmas Eve so I can enjoy Christmas Day without having to be in the kitchen. Bill’s Mom came over for a breakfast of waffles, whipped cream and fresh strawberries on Christmas Day. After breakfast we opened gifts and relaxed for awhile. I put out all the leftovers, snacks and desserts on the table and we ate until we were stuffed. Relaxed some more…around 3 the girls put on their cross country skis and slid around the yard, while Bill, his mom and I went for a walk in the sun and cold…

Our day ended with snacking and Christmas movies.

Boxing day was Bill’s family’s dinner. It was the first one with out my father-in-love. It was quiet and subdued. Way different from the norm….to be expected.

I hope you all had a great Holiday Season.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2017…I hope it is a happy and prosperous one for you all.





We had a quiet Samhain this year.

On the 30th we all gutted and carved our pumpkins. Mine and Bill’s pumpkins were already starting to rot. We bought them the monday before, as that is our Town day. I kept them all in a nice cool dry spot, but like the fruit up here it goes bad with in a few days of getting it home. The produce that we get up here is horrible….that a rant for another time…

We got a good amount of big seeds to roast and enjoy. I let them dry for a few hours and then slathered them in olive oil and seasoned salt and put them in a 350* oven until golden brown. YUMMY!


Scooping guts…


Mine, Seren’s, Bill’s and Milena’s carved pumpkins.


All lit up and ready to scare away those negative energies…or make’m giggle.

Milena’s pumpkin looks like it is about to sneeze. My cute pumpkin with her star hair(stars wrap all the way around) is shining bright. Seren wanted to use a green glow stick in her Hazard symbol but it wasn’t bright enough. Bill is super proud of his Horny Toyota sign. hahaha! After supper we watched Hocus Pocus  with Bill. As he would be working over Samhain night.


Miss Doom Kitty and Miss Sad Doom Witch

Costumes were and are always a last minute thing. Milena loves her kitty ears and we found the perfect shirt at the thrift store the week before. Seren wasn’t sure at first what she wanted to dressup as. I made her a book skirt and bodice out of old Encyclopedia books from my mom-in-love. I said it fit her perfect she is a walking Encyclopedia…haha! In the end she decided on the Sad Doom Witch outfit. No, I don’t dressup *shrug* I have never into the whole “Halloween” thing the way most people are. THis y

Samhain landed on Monday this year. That meant Seren volunteered at the library. She helped with the Haunted Room for preschoolers. Poor Milena was sad that there were no activities for her to join in. The community rec centre did a Halloween party on the prior Saturday…sigh…I didn’t get the notification about it and I hate when they put things on on a different day than the actual holiday. After we got the shopping and volunteering done we headed home so I could finish our family hangout stuff organized.


Soul cakes…


A little of our spread…

Some how my daughters convinced my Mennonite mom-in-love to join us for our Samhain celebrations. Unfortunately I felt very uncomfortable and so didn’t do a lot of what I was wanting to do. That’s okay though. It was nice to have her come and hang out with us.

I made Soul cakes and set a place for out ancestors. I made homemade pizza with all the fixings and a feta spinach one too(my fave). We ate pizza and pigged out on our favourite junk food in front of the computer and enjoyed Scooby-doo’s Creepiest Capers and Alvin and the Chipmunks Frankenstein. Bill was able to have pizza and watched an episode before he had to go for his nap before heading to work at 10pm.

My mom-in-love said she had a enjoyable time when she left at 9pm.


My Samahian altar.

On Facebook, Sunbow Pendragon holds Candle lighting events each Sabbat. I joined in…I always set up an altar and light a candle. I only got part way on my altar this year. I never got to my ancestors and lost relative photos. I said a silent prayer.

When I was alone after everyone left and went to bed…I lit my other candles and incense and meditated. My witchy work was done during my time in the kitchen and my thoughts of love and sadness of those who are no longer alive.

During schoolwork the girls learned about the True story of Samhain/Halloween. They watched a documentary by the History channel and a couple little videos on Youtube. I found a lapbook on the Afterlife by Little Pagan Acrons and spoke about my belief of what the holiday means to me.

There you have it…my Samhain celebrations. I hope your celebrations were full of love and good cheer.

❤ D

Year End

November 30th We went out into the forest and found our Yule/Christmas trees. We don’t do any celebrating, decorating or singing of carols until Milena’s birthday on the 29th of November is over. Once that is done then the chaos and mayhem begins! Ha ha!


Got the Yule/Christmas trees. Large one for the living room. Two smaller ones are for the girl’s rooms!

Yule and Christmas:


Gingerbread Village the girls made


Yule Bonfire during a snow storm!


Toast to the Sun!

Yule was spent quietly doing Yule home school activities and making paper snowflakes and learning about the true origins of Christmas. When Bill woke up we made a bonfire and played in the snow. We had a simple dinner and then Bill had to nap before heading back into work at the Sawmill for 10pm . I toasted the sun on my own. Next year I have bigger plans. 😉

Christmas is a bigger deal…for the kids anyways. I have decided to slowly move towards making Yule the bigger deal.


Christmas Dinner



There was too much food as always. Christmas dinner was served on Christmas Eve along with a dessert spread.



Snacks, desserts and Christmas dinner leftovers were put out for Christmas Day. I have done this forever so that I don’t have to spend the day in the Kitchen missing out on the festivities. It is a way more relaxed Christmas this way. 🙂 (Sorry, I couldn’t get the photos to rotate!)

Boxing day was spent at my mom-in-loves. This was the only day all her kids could come together to celebrate. The changes that happen as your children grow and their children grow and start families of their own were very apparent to her and myself this year. My hubby is her youngest and only biological son. The others are quite a bit older than us and their children are starting to all leave home and have lost the “Christmas magic”…Well the amount of magic that a hard-core Christians allow.

We are the odd family. I encourage the magic to embrace my little family. Seren figured out the truth about Santa 2 Christmases ago. She still loves the magic and excitement Santa invokes. I still love Santa!! Not the physical gifts, but the mystery and excitement and joy and Magic of his spirit.


Now the New Year is upon us…Bill may be home early New Years Eve to toast to our 12th year together! We celebrate our becoming an official couple more than our wedding day in 2007. To us it was the best day of our lives. Our wedding day was just a day the government and families considered us “official”. Today we’ll pick up a nice wine and get nicely chilled for New Years Eve.

I hope this Holiday Season has found you all healthy and safe! See you in 2016!!

Blessings ❤



Crafting with Salt Dough

I Love Pagan Mamma’s Blog!! She has great ideas for family fun and excellent information.
The girls and I will make some salt dough skulls and other fun Samhain decorations.
Samhain Blessings. More on our Samhain celebrations later on. ❤

Ozark Pagan Mamma

Years ago I used to make goddess figurines and such with plasticized clay (like fimo or sculpey). This time around getting into crafting again, I don’t really have much of a budget for craft supplies. I also don’t like the idea of the permanence (plasticized clay is non-bio-degradable) and the artificial feel. (I don’t know if they still have them, but there used to be a warning label on the packages of some brands that said they could possibly cause cancer.)

Since I don’t have access to cheap clay, nor a kiln to fire it in, salt dough came to mind as a cheap and natural alternative. At first I thought it wouldn’t be strong and durable enough to make things to hang on the wall and last a while, but then I remembered a special recipe I had jotted down from a library book (sorry, I don’t remember the…

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Forgiving is not Forgetting…

A portion from my personal journal January 15, 2013…

Forgiving is not forgetting.

Forgiving is letting go of what is no longer imoportant.

Forgetting what has happened in your life is being untrue to yourself. All the situations you encounter makes you who you are.

Forgiving has released  a lot of pain within me. I can never forget, but I refuse to dwell, because it is literally killing me.

I need to feel happy, to know joy….

Forgiving is allowing me to heal. Is allowing me to open up and welcome joy.

These are the words I wrote 13 days after my Dad passed away. 13 days after I lost many family and friends, when I forgave him for his acts here on Earth. I dont condone any of his actions. I gave him my forgiveness for the things that happened between him and I. I needed to let go and forgive to open up, to grieve the Dad I really didnt know.

As someone who deal with depression Forgiving has had a profound affect on how I dealt with my Dad’s death and many other situations. I am a work in progress and am no where near the mindset I’d love to be at. I am learning to work through one thing at a time. The hardest lesson lately has been forgiving myself for the things I am not proud of.  One tiny baby step at a time….


bb#17 077

September 23 2015

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox at our house was quiet.  The Girls helped me create an altar. The picture doesn’t show all the leaves, grasses, extra fruit and veggies that were added as the day went by.

The Girls and I went for a short drive to the otherside of our “neighborhood” to pick up any mail and marveled at the beauty around us.

bb#17 081 bb#17 079

bb#17 080

Then we took Mr. Odin for a short, breezy and cold walk before lunch. He sniffed the spots that the Coyotes left their scent and ate some of the last green grasses.

bb#17 084

The girls spent the afternoon doing some Mabon printouts that I found on  the Little Pagan website (I love her site!), while I put together a thick healthy Chili and homemade squishy buns for supper.

The day ended with lighting candles and sending Dada Bill off to work the nightshift at the sawmill down the road.

I felt blessed to be able to share some of my spirituality with my daughters. I can’t wait to go deeper into the Samhain/Hallowe’en celebrations.