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Waste not…

It is an important saying in our household. We try to waste nothing. Water and food are the most important ones for us…

We cut up cotton shirts, pants, towels anything that is worn out but still usable in another form. Why waste good cotton cloth by throwing it in the garbage bag and throwing that bag into the bin at the Transfer Station. Makes no sense to me. I am trying to teach my children this >>>

Reduce. Reuse. Up-cycle. Recycle and the many other ways of reusing items.

The last time I did laundry I noticed that this fitted sheet was getting thread bare. I asked Milena if she wanted to do some cutting with my sharp sewing scissors. OF COURSE she did…haha! So with a stern warning about how sharp these scissors are and that she needs to stay focused on her task, (We have had way too many accidents with sharp objects and Milena)I ripped the sheet in half and removed the elastic and gave the halves to Milena to cut into approximately 1’x 1′(12cmx12cm) squares….sort of. 😉


make a little snip…


then rrrrriiip….


Milena and her pile of new rags…


Lovely “new” rags!

Milena was super proud that she got to use my very sharp sewing scissors and not cutting herself and helping to make the Earth a cleaner place.

We don’t use store bought chemicals, unless absolutely necessary. I have been making Lemon Vinegar cleaner for over 7 years now. I have tried Orange Vinegar cleaner, but I didn’t find it cleaned very well.

I also figure that since my hens won’t eat the peels and I hate just throwing them into the compost pile. I would give the Citrus Vinegar cleaner and have yet to look back. I can’t stand the smell of the cleaner/laundry aisle in the store. Neither can my daughters. We literally gag on our way down it.

I am excited to have my rag pile replenished and glad to have kept one more piece of usable material out of the landfill. 🙂

❤ Drisana