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Summer Solstice

Welcome Summer…maybe. The longest day of the year was not a warm one. I shivered away in my sweater and tried to cuddle the warmth of our fire.

I found tiny strawberries and busy bees. The sun rays tried to dodge the clouds and the wind was insane. 

The rest of the day was crappy for me. My garden is not surviving. I had to pull all my Radishes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbages, Turnips, Kholrabi and Kale seedlings. The Flea Beetles desimated them. Them we had a hard frost and my potatoes, beans and corn got hit….again. Even with being covered.**sigh**πŸ˜” 

I am feeling very discouraged and overly frustrated. I can’t start from seed again as my growing season is too short. Somethings will not produce in time. Some things I will restart as they should do okay by harvest.

It is not Summer when you wake to -1c or 0c. I am freezing! 

❀⛄ Frosty The Snowman.

Wanderings June 15th


Fighting the urge to give up on the garden this year….

First fighting the urge to procrastinate. I just couldn’t get my motivation up to start seeds. I felt very ‘meh’ about everything this spring. I don’t know why…other than the weather wasn’t helping at all.

Then copious amounts of rain and fear of everything being too wet and rotting before it even got a chance to grow.(photo shows one days worth of rain)

Now my garden has been hit by a insane infestation of Flea Beetles! Arg! Because they all hatched in this nice warm weather and I wasn’t able to get my garden lightly tilled in the fall of spring befode they all hatched. 😣

Here’s a link to the little buggers. I hope it works.

They have eaten holes in every Raab, radish, turnio, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli plant I have. Seedlings can’t withstand the munching as well as larger plants. All my teeny tiny just popping out o the ground plants are beig desimated. 

I have made a spary that is supposed to help. πŸ€” hmmm. We’ll see…I found it on The Old Farmers’ Almanac website. 5 cups water, 2cups rubbing alcohol and 2tbsp dish soap. Spray on twice a day. So far all it has done is driven them out frim under the remay cloth and onto the plastic hoop cover. I gave them a spray in hope that they’ll FRY! in the sun….I am feeling very destructive today.

If this doesn’t work I’ll have to go buy DE(Diatomaceous Earth) to coat my plants with.
Oh the joys of gardening…always something to fight. Lol!

I sure hope this is not fortelling my garden experience this year. I will be sorely disappointed if it is. Last year I barely got i to my garden due to running around like a crazy woman for everyone else.


Wet world

It has been so wet. It is driving my batty. I force myself to go outside. I watch my petunias rotting in their containers. 

I fear my little seedlings will rot away. If the ground they are in doesn’t get the chance to dry out a little. 

I feel whiney and cranky and sick of being inside. We are inside most of the winter(Oct to April)and now It is mid June and I still have to light a fire in the livingroom heater to take the chill out. I want to swelter. See! I told you I am feeling whiney. Lol! 

Yes, there is beauty around me when I get out the door and into the rain. I do know we need the rain after so many years of dry weather. 

We have so much to do. I need to get the big chicken coop cleaned out…but to moist the dig the litter out. It is a dirt floor coop and with the rain the water table is super high and this property is on a downhill slop, heading straight for the garage/coop. Yup, the original builder thought that out really well. Build in the hole not the higher part. *eyeroll*. Way to go Dad-in-law.

Well, time to go out to check eggs and finish cleaning up my planting mess.


I see green…

The garden is doing okay. The potatoes are slow. I have one plant popping through the soil.

The kale, lettuce, radishes, onions and turnips have come up.

The transplants of Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbages, Raab and Basil are doing great. The squash are doing so-so. The frost the other week did some damage to my zucchini and yellow scallop squash plant. 

The rain can stop for a bit now. My little plants could do with some warm soil and sun. πŸŒ§πŸŒ±β˜‰




I did it all in between downpours! Woohoo me! πŸ˜ƒ 

All beds are formed and some are even planted. I am feeling very accomplished.

I was able to get the ‘All Blue’ potatoes into the ground…oops…they were really starting to grow. Lol! I even had them in the coldroom. 

Oops…they were growing without me.

I got 3 types of Onions(red, white,and yellow), 3 types of Dill(Dukat, Green Sleeves, and Mammoth), 3 types of radishes(small amounts of French Breakfast, White Icicle and Candela Di Fuoco), 2 types of carrots(mainly Scarlet Nantes and about 20 Creme Pak seeds), 3 types of cabbage(Copenhagen, Mammoth Red Rock, and Early Jersey Wakefield), cauliflower, and 2 types of broccoli(Raab and Calabrese), 2 types of beets(Golden Detroit and Ruby Queen).

I also transplanted my Black Beauty Zucchini and Waltham Butternut Squash plants. I have to figure out where to put my Yellow Scalloped Squash(tiny pattypan squash). 

Black Beauty Zucchini with Painted Mountain Corn

Waltham Butternut squash in with Tom Thumb popcorn

Calabrese Broccoli and Early Snowball Cauliflower.

Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage and Raab broccoli with Mammoth and Greensleeves dill seperating.

Mammoth Red Rock and Copenhagen Market Cabbage with Dukat Dill seperating varieties

Tomorrow Miss Milena will plant peas, lettuces, kholrabi….and whatever else my brain is too tired to remember at the moment. Haha! 

While I was organizing what I wanted planted where, Miss Milena helped me weed the garlic bed. She was excited to finally see the full taproot of a Dandelion and asked about Pineapple Weed and chickweed. She likes to know what plants(weeds) are edible. 😊 A girl after my own heart…

Miss Milena weeding Majestic, German Red and Chesnok garlic

We had a happy surprise when we found a huge Western Toad and a wee Western Toad. The huge toad hopped away but the little guy hung out long enough for Miss Milena to draw it in her Nature Journal.

Up close and personal with the wee-toady.


After our visit with the toads we picked 4 stalks of Rhubarb. One for each of us. Only to remember Miss Seren is away at her Bio-dad’s. The stalks were HUGE! 1ft 7inches of edible stalk. Miss Milena made a hat out of the leaf…haha! I wasn’t able to get a photo. πŸ˜…

Rhubarb anyone?!

What a great day after all! 

Good Night…this lady is done…



🎢Here comes the rain again🎢

The rain just won’t get lost long enough for me to get the garden prepped. Errrg! No tilling for this year as I was hoping…the rototiller would get stuck.

It’s just me, my muscles and my trusty shovel and rake.

My trusty shovel and baler twine/stake markers

I’ma hurtin’ this morning…😜

Mark it

Dig it

Form it

I have turned and marked and formed the beds. Well, not all….the piece where my shovel stands is still waiting to be dealt with. 

So far this is my plan….HAHAHAHA!!! I have already changed it 4 times. Now if the weather would cooperate. I may actually get to fill in what I planted where….

I did get two types of potato and the popcorn plants into the ground before the rain poured down again.

I have never ordered from T&T Seeds before and so far they have been nice to deal with. I would prefer to find a local(BC) seed potato grower, but for now this will do. I will save the smaller potatoes for next year. I still have some purple…I think they are called ‘All Blue’…that I will put into the end of my potato row. 

I am hoping to get out there shortly to finish prepping the last bit of garden. I need to get my cabbage, cauluflower, and bolted broccoli out ASAP.

Bolting Broccoli…

Crossing fingers for no rain ⛆ for a couple days