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Garden Tiger Moth

A few weeks ago I was wandering around the yard and dreaming of what to do with our neglected backyard, when I stumbled upon a bright brown creature.

After a few hours of searching in my books and on the net, I found out what this beautiful moth was.

Most photos of this type of moth were black and white looking. It wasn’t until it opened it’s outer wings and showed my the bright orange and black underwings. I looked in my old itty bitty Butterfly and Moth book and found it.

A femal Garden Tiger Moth.

After showing the girls and Bill we left it be. I love finding such beautiful treasures in my yard.



Hen and, not the birds.

In my Ever Evolving Rock Garden, I have 6 different varieties of Hen and Chicks.

This year my Hen and Chicks -Joubarbe decided it was going to flower.

They have the neatest flowers!

Unfortunately when a Hen(larger floret?) flowers it dies. Though I will get more Chicks next spring and a Chick will grow into a Hen.


Momma Hen vs Incubator

In June I borrowed a Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco incubator my friend, Samantha, to try and save a duck(a long story for another day).

Samantha let me keep the incubator to try out after the Duckling story. I have never used one and was curious to see how well they work and whatnot.

So, in went 23 eggs for 21 days.

5 little wee ones came into the world all on their own with no issues. 2 wee babes needed some gentle coaxing.

The second to last chick couldn’t seem to open its’ eyes. I thought maybe it was blind. It isn’t unusual for Incubator chicks or genetics. I let it be for awhile thinking it just wasn’t ready…then decided to help it out. I used a moist cottonball to wipe the eyes open. It took a bit but they did stay open.

Blind? Or just not ready.

The last chick had a hard time getting out of its’ shell. It did do it on its own but I had to help a little. The albumen had dried to the wing and side of the face. This wee babe is a fighter and broke free. I gave it a gentle bath to get the albumen and shell chunks off it.

My wee fighter. You can see the albumen stuck to its beak under the eye.

During the time the incubator hummed away on my kithen counter, Miss Blitz…who is a first time Momma, sat patiently on 13 eggs. She sat 21 days and hatched out 5 chicks. All healthy and vibrant.

The next day I introduced the other 5 healthy Incubator chicks. Blitz happily accepted them.

I waited an extra 24hrs before introducing the last two wee chicks. I wanted to make sure they could handle the pecking order or Momma hens wrath.

All went well. Momma Blitz is the happy Momma of 12 wee chicks. She is very attentive to all her babes. When starts screaming she walks over amd sweeps them up against her with her wing, clucking gently and guiding them toward the rest of the group.

I will not use an incubator again unless I absolutely need to or as a way to save a chick…or Duckling.

Now I want to buy a small Brinsea incubator for just in case situations. Time to do a little searching and saving.

I will make sure to update on FB and here.



A garden glimpse

July 1st 2018

July 6th 2018

Amazing what can happen in a week.

ðŸ’™ðŸŒą D


We finally decided to get serious about looking for a new family dog.

We were having a very hard time letting go of Odin and how awesome he was.

A week ago Sunday Bill was looking at our local Buy and Sell Facebook page and noticed 7 puppies for sale. He hummed and hawed about going to see them.

I had made it clear I didn’t want a puppy. I knew I would be the one to get up all night with it. Bill sleeps like the dead most nights. I want a DOG. A dog beyond the being let out every hour to pee.*sigh*

“We’ll just go look.” He says.

“We’re getting a puppy aren’t we?”


“Oh I had better stop and grab money.”

“We’re getting a Puppy aren’t we?”


Well, we found the house on the Reserve and saw the puppies…

Aladdin…now known as Thor

Yep….we came home with a puppy. He is a Aussiedoodle Rotti Lab mix.

Mom…Rotti Lab


He was stinky and sticky…so into the bathtub and given a scrub.

We spent two days finding a new name for him.


He is vicious as all get out. *cough*

Guess who is up every two hours to let a puppy out to pee and poo? Me! Bill gets poo duty! Haha!

He is actually a very good puppy so far. Serious command training is in session.


Bursting into Colour!💐

After a long cold and snowy winter. A couple weeks of good heat in May amd then the temperature dropped to -2c overnight and highs of 16c as daytime highs for most of June.


My world has finally burst into colour!

Maltese Cross







Wild Pink Yarrow

Petunias and Lobelia on my porch

Red Poppies and Orange Daylilies

Orange Icelandic Poppy

My favourite Petunia

Cascade Lobelia

Squash flower!

Cranesbill Geranium

Comfrey flowers

Cilantro flowers

One of my Hens flowered!

Haskaps or Honeyberries


The weather may be finally getting warmer and that will mean the veggie garden may produce eventually. Things are green and growing but no flowering or fruiting. I have only a 2 months(mid-Sept) of growing season left….come on Mother Nature.


In the past few days life has started to emerge in our little piece of the world. The snow is gone, but for a few patches in the shady spaces of north facing trees and stumps.

Plants are sprouting up and making themselves known.

Daylilies – deep orange



Perennial Onion



Unknown hen and chick




Asparagus spears




Western Mountain Ash



Finally my growing season has begun. For now I sit back and watch Momma Nature do her thing.