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My world in bloom

Sorry for bombarding everyone with so many pictures….




Trailing Lobelia

Wood Betony




My sad stump garden.

I also wanted to say…


Thank you for visiting my blog and my facebook page too. I realized I haven’t thanked anyone for taking the time to read my babbling. 😍


Eat Carrot Green Leaves

This is a very interesting article on using Carrot Tops!! 

August 8th around the garden…

Welcome to my garden…

Tomatoes that were frosted to stubs are flourishing!

Asparagus, squash, tomatoes & winter savory

3 types of potatoes

Painted Mountain Corn, zucchini and volunteer potatoes

Dill, turnips and sad parsley

Otherside side of the Dill…parsnip and beets a

3 types of onions, golden and red beets

Carrots and radishes

Swiss chard, kale, second start carrots

Italian parsley, beans(green and purple), kale

Bolted spinach and Basil

Cauliflower, broccoli, red and green cabbages.

Popcorn and butternut squash

Sorrel has started to flower.


My garden and greenhouse from the road

Fall is coming…harvesting has started.😭


Basil experiment

Basil…probably my favourite culinary herb to grow. It is easy to grow, smells heavenly and amazing flavour.

4 types of basil…2 Sweet, Cinnamon and Dark Opal Basil

The other day I put out a call to my local area that I had fresh Basil ready if anyone wanted some. No one answered the call out so…into the dehydrater it went. 

Basil on dryer trays.

After I dried it, I left the leaves whole until I could decide what to do with it.

I got curious as to how much 16 whole leaves would make crushed. 

16 Basil leaves

16 Basil leaves crushed

16 leaves= 2.5 tsp

I estimate that 20 whole leaves would give me 3tsp or 1 tbsp of ground. 

I asked on facebook how people prefered to buy their herbs….

  1. Dried and ground
  2. Dried and whole leaf

I didn’t really get an answer. The reason I asked was…well…because…

I have been presented with an opportunity to grow and sell herbs to a local lady whole makes salves/tinctures/vinegars and other amazing items. So, I have decided that wigh any extra herbs I will do up packages of both dried and ground or whole leaf or a mix of the two. I will offer them on FB page and locally for cash or barter. It will at least be a start. 

I am excited but also feeling apprehensive. I lack self-confidence…

*note to self* I need to register my business name. 


Chickens, Rabbits, cats and kids.

Chickens, rabbits, cats and kids have been fed and watered😉

Miss S’s pet rabbit Granite…such a love bug.

 The bread is in the oven. Bun dough rising.

Youngest child learning about Birds.

Morning coffee slurped…well more like sipped.

Saskatoons berries checked…Soon!

First carrot eaten….mmmm!

Lemon Balm picked, smelled…

….and dehydrating for the winter tea.

Oldest is hidden away in her room drawing her Manga or writing her stories.

There is still lunch to be made and dishes to be done. Then cooking supper and whipping up Mr. Bill’s work smoothie by 4:30pm, so I can get the youngest can get to her riding lessons by 6pm. 

The sun is finally shining after the much needed rain that came down this morning. Almost time to go back outside and check on the two hens sitting in some eggs in the chicken tractor-thingy.



I am so thankful that my beans have survived so far! 

They are actually starting to flower. 🌱🌸

I have two kinds planted this year:

  • Contender Bush Bean(55 days)
  • Amethyst Purple Stringless Bush Bean(65 days)

Two trees

We had two big trees fall during a windstorm when we first moved onto this property. The base of the trees rotted out and finally couldn’t hold themselves up any longer. Unfortunately…one landed on the roof of the cabin(first home of my father in-law) and one landed on the outhouse. Both buildings with have to be torn down as they are no longer safe…😔 

When our dear family friends came to visit that August, the dad topped the trees for us. He is a logger so walking non-chalantly walked up each tree and cut the tops off. 

Well, we finaly got our butts in gear and bucked the trees up. Firewood season has started. Woohoo!

Beautifully aged lumber

There is a chunk of tree sittig on the roof…

A little electric stove and a wood heater.

The original insulation was shavings