Goodbye Panels!

This house is FULL of 1960’sand 70’s panel walls. Ugly! Light sucking ugly!

Well, last night at 9:30 we pulled all my books off the shelves and moved the bookshelves out of the way.

April 2016

September 2017

We were blinded by the light this morning. Oh, this will definitely change the feeling in here this winter. 




September 2, 2007….

After 4yrs of getting to know each other, we confirmed our deep loving friendship…

Mr. and Mrs. Peters …and our wee Alien in womb.


A 10yr old bottle of white wine from our wedding.

10yrs and waiting. 

Cheers to many more years with my Best Friend. ❤🍷


School already!

Since when is this allowed to happen?!

I don’t ever recall saying these two were allowed to grow up. 🤔 

We actually started schooling at the beginning of this week. 

Miss M worked on Origami, something recently fell in love with…

Miss S…well she has been reading and writing as per the usual and drawing/painting.

We always take the 1st month super slow. Especially as we still have firewood to get and harvest and preserving to get done.

Maybe they’ll allow me to share more of this years activities with all of you.


The garden Aug 30th 2017

Here are some of the harvesting I have done in the past couple of weeks. Some things have done amazingly well…others not so much.

Miss M holding a Golden Beet

Golden and Ruby Queen beets

Scarlet Nantes Carrots

Zucchini, Patty Pan and a Midget melon

Green arrow and Laxtons Progress peas

Shelling the peas

Contender Beans



Black Cherry Tomato

None producing squash…butternut

Mushroom Plant flowering.

California Wonder Pepper

No name hot pepper

Looks like paprika….no name…

No name…thinking Jalepeno or Chili

No name hot pepper.

Cherry tomato

My squash did horribly, except for the zillion little Zucchini. The plants keep flowering but no fruit….just one of those years. 

I planted a package of mixed hot peppers. I never actually read what the varities were. Lol! I will have to see if I saved the envelope. 🤔

Then some photos of my 10x20ft Greenhouse…things are starting to die off. Fall is here. The air doesn’t get very warm in here anymore. 

One last photo for now.  Have 5 melons still on the vine. One in the fridge ready to eat.

Midget Melons


Busy bee

Again I have been slacking on writing. 

Depression has that effect on me. Lack of inspiration and bad self-talk. Then there was last of the summer activities and the kicker…My daughters were on my case about being on my phone too much..😢

Then harvest arrived. 

Fall is here….and my emotional self took a beating.

I am kicking myself for not harvesting somethings that I should have…such as fireweed. 

Oh well.

I promise soon I will post more. 



My world in bloom

Sorry for bombarding everyone with so many pictures….




Trailing Lobelia

Wood Betony




My sad stump garden.

I also wanted to say…


Thank you for visiting my blog and my facebook page too. I realized I haven’t thanked anyone for taking the time to read my babbling. 😍


Eat Carrot Green Leaves

This is a very interesting article on using Carrot Tops!!