Trumpeter swan

Canadian Geese

Bum up!

Moose across the lake from my Mom-in-love’s



They are back!!

Far in the distances I heard it!

The slight purrrrrr….my heart skipped a beat, my breath caught in my chest, then from my mouth a sound escaped…


Little purring black dots appeared overhead…

They got closer…

A Crane Silohette

Grace and beauty in the hundreds

Two huge flocks converging

Sandhill Cranes

I can not express how excited this makes me!!!

Every year on or around the 18th of April the Cranes appear above our house.

And every year I get camera happy. This year even more so with my new camera😂


April 18 2019

April 18 2019
0c at 6:35am
We had rain yesterday evening and a bit over night. We thought it might snow, as the chill and smell said snow(snowed on the mountains)but nope; just icy.

I love how my greenhouse is glowing and it has a silver lining.


Self imposed photo challenge…

Day 1…morning sky

Day 2…tree/s

Day 3… Macro

Day 4 … Flower/s

Day 5… Silhoutte

Day 6…Bird/s

Day 7…Eyes

Day 8… Green

Day 9… Clouds

Day 10 …old

Day 11… Water

Day 12… Fog

Day 13… Leaves

Day 14…Shadow

Day 15… Brown

Day 16… Icicle

Day 17… Pinecones

Day 18… Moss

Day 19… Rock

Day 20… snowflake/s

Day 21… Black and white

A new camera to start 2019

Bill got me a new fancy-shmancy camera for Christmas.

He complains that I have SOooooo many photos on the computer…Haha! What does he think will happen now?

I gave myself a Photo challenge for the month January so I could learn how to use my new camera.

Our dorky selves!


Ember. She doesn’t stay still.

Squirrel close up from 8ft away

I am enjoying my camera so far. I still have lots to learn. I am not used to all the selection. 📷

Frosty December 25 2018

Frosty life outside my Christmasy Kitchen window.

From my kitchen window

After a breakfast of waffles, whipped cream, thickened huckleberries, syrup and bacon we all opened our gifts and then headed outside into -13c for a bit of X-country skiing on the property.

❄Well, I didn’t go skiing. I went for a wander to enjoy some silence and a very frosty world. ❄

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.


December 18th brought snow❄

8inches of snow fell, finally blanketing our world in white.

Ash tree

Part of the garden with her blanket of white

Looking down Palling Road W from our driveway

Pine tree festooned in its finery

Looking into our little forest

Poplar rounds under snow. I love the rings.

Poplars and Pines