Frosty December 25 2018

Frosty life outside my Christmasy Kitchen window.

From my kitchen window

After a breakfast of waffles, whipped cream, thickened huckleberries, syrup and bacon we all opened our gifts and then headed outside into -13c for a bit of X-country skiing on the property.

❄Well, I didn’t go skiing. I went for a wander to enjoy some silence and a very frosty world. ❄

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.



December 18th brought snow❄

8inches of snow fell, finally blanketing our world in white.

Ash tree

Part of the garden with her blanket of white

Looking down Palling Road W from our driveway

Pine tree festooned in its finery

Looking into our little forest

Poplar rounds under snow. I love the rings.

Poplars and Pines

Frost season…

The snow has not yet come, as it should in December. Especially by December 11th!

Instead we are having a Season of Frost. Frost falls from no where. It blows from the objects, trees and who knows where at time.

Frost is Mother Natures winter artwork.

It sparkles in the slightest sunlight.

Staying warm here in North Central BC.


Hello November!


Yep I suck at blogging. Haha!

I forget I have one.

I feel like I don’t have much to say that is of any interest.

So thank you for having stuck around.

My inner world is changing just as the outer one is. Things are dying and falling away…hopefully to grow new and beautiful things.

Our world has become white and cold.

Hibernation is calling. My crochet and embroidery projects are calling from my project tote. My spinning wheel is crying for attention in its dusty corner.

Anxiety is trying of winter driving is trying to seep in the weak cracks in my inner self.

The snow is here to stay for a day or two at least. We have rain in the forecast, but that could change at any moment.

Winter is here.


The girls made a 7ft tall Snowlady yesterday. Today, November 2, she looks to be saying

“Hello?! What are you up too?”


Monday, October 8th 2018 was Thanksgiving here in Canada.

Bill was able to come home from his Apprenticeship schooling for the long weekend.

We spent more of the weekend just hanging out and doing that what we normally do.

Bill had to study while he was home, as he had a exam on Tuesday when he got back to school.

On Saturday after doin town errands, I made a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Ham glazed with brown sugar and homegrown garlic. Roasted sweet potato, parsnip and carrots topped with sourcream and seasoning salt. Strawberry Spinach salad with berry vinagrette and slivered almonds.

I also made a non-traditional dessert as well.

Chocolate cup(bought on sale) filled with dark chocolate mousse and topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Sooooo, yummy!

Bill’s mom joined us for supper.

On Sunday, we went to his mom’s for a Thanksgiving BBQ! Bill’s stepbrother, sister-in-law and their young adult children came.

I love the non-traditional feeling. We are saving the traditional feast for Yule & Christmas.

Thanksgiving is not the same here in Canada as in the USA. I have had to explain that to fb friends many times. It is not about celebrating one thing. For me, it is celebrating the final Harvest.

Most of the leaves have fallen from the Poplars, Willows and roses. The forest grasses, fireweed, and other foliage have turned all shades of red, brown and yellow.

The temperature doesn’t get up past 7c during the day. Fall is in its last throws…

🍁 Blessings

Orb Spider

Orb spider

Taken from Lone Pine – Bugs of British Columbia book

This spiders abdomen was approximately 1.5cm.

When I found it I thought it was a pebble. Thor(our puppy) had sniffed it and was about to pick it up, as he loves chewing on rocks. Ugh.

Anyways, I flipped it over. And realized it was a spider! Cue creepy crawlies. Lol

I scooped it onto a dried leaf and moved it to a safe spot under my Comfrey plant after I took these photos. 😊



This is Leo.

Leo is a Lionhead cross.

Leo belongs to Miss Milena.

Leo has the most awesome hairdo I have ever laid my eyes on!

Leo is a Gentleman.

Leo loves to drag Milena around the yard by his lead.

Leo helped mend Milena’s broken heart after her Sunflower died at the age of 7.

🐇❤ Every bunny needs some bunny to love.