Our Bat Family

[For some reason this didn’t get published in Aug!🤦‍♀️😕]

When we moved into this house in April of 2015, we never knew we had special neighbours.

We kept hearing this ‘skritch skritch’ sound on the front corner of our livingroom. We thought it was maybe mice in the wall or maybe Squirrels, as we had had an issue with them in the space between the ceiling and roof. Not really an attic…anyways.

One evening we noticed a new sound along with the ‘skritch skritch’. A sort of high pitched squeak. We went out to investigate and as we stood starring at the outside wall a bat flew out from behind the “lovely” fake shutter on the left side of the livingroom window.

Ever since we can’t wait to hear and see them. It means they have survived another winter. We are quite aware of the loss of a bats in North America due to White-Nose Syndrome(fungal disease).

On Aug 3 we were outside having a coffee break when we noticed something hanging just peeking out the bottom of the shutter.

I slowly walked up to the house and there was this wee friend(only call them that cause they are tiny…not due to age)hanging halfway out. It must have been cooling down a bit. It was +30c in the sun and the sun hits the bottom half of the shutters.

The wee friend let me get up close and personal long enough to get some photos. It tucked itself back up beside it’s four other wee friends after a few minutes.

Such amazing little mammals!

Look at that little nose!

Snuggle time

Bill and I have plans to construct a couple of bat houses and mount them to the wall or on a post beside the shutters. Then one night when they have all flown, take the shutters down and hope they go into the houses.

We want them to stay as they are the best bug and pest control ever!

I have contacted the Community Bat🦇 BC Programs to get more info and maybe have a Bat Biologist come out and make sure they are healthy.

Until then…we will enjoy our Bat Colony. Guano and all!

🦇❤ Drisana

December 13 2019

Friday, December 13 2019

Our slice of earth is covered in a blanket of new snow.

The moon has finally peeked out from behind the thick clouds.


Aug 6 2019

Lots of growing going on.

The tomatoes were all supposed to be compact bushy plants or short bushy vines…well as you can see they are massive!

St. John wort

Eclipse Sunflower

I harvested my 2 Cheddar Cauliflower. The one on the dinner plate is approx. 10inched wide.

Vicar Oats

Dill, peas, wheat and kale

Blue Pod Peas

Check out the bees bright Orange-red pollen sacs. Busy busy bees.🐝

Datura buds

We’ve had tons of rain and cold this June and July. Great for keeping things green and forest fires at bay. Not so great for producing veggies.

Here’s to a warmer August and Sept so I have veggies to put by for the winter.


Playing with yarn

This past winter I dealt and still am dealing with depression and anxiety by crocheting…➿

This past time has been very beneficial therapy since my other form of therapy is asleep under many feet of snow at that time.

Baby blanket for my neighbours new granddaugter

Blanket for my friend Karen D.

3 baby blankets for fun…know any one who needs to wrap a wee one?

Blanket for my friend Leslie S.

Blanket in progress for my friend Kirsten S…finished it just after Christmas.

I have other projects yet to photograph, finish and start. Nothing to crazy or exciting as I am still learning basic stitches and my limitation to types of yarn are limited.

💜 Drisana


July 4th

The garden is doing very well compared to last year. We have had a significant amount of rain this spring.

As long as the rain soaks into the water table and we don’t have the fires and drought this August I will not complain.

The Haskap Bushes are finally producing this year. It only 4yrs…lol!

The Valiant Grape vines produced a couple of flower bunches. Now I am hoping they get pollinated and we get grapes.

I have already harvested all the garlic scapes. I left two of each kind to form Bulbils.

Tying itself in a knot.

Broccoli head forming. This is the only one so far. The cabbage, cauliflower and other broccoli plant leaves are getting massive but no heads on them as of yet.

The greenhouses are doing well. I will try to post photos in another post. The tomatoes are growing and flowering like crazy. I am super proud of how well my from seed Petunias are doing.

Back to taking photos and playing in the soil.

💚 Drisana


Trumpeter swan

Canadian Geese

Bum up!

Moose across the lake from my Mom-in-love’s


They are back!!

Far in the distances I heard it!

The slight purrrrrr….my heart skipped a beat, my breath caught in my chest, then from my mouth a sound escaped…


Little purring black dots appeared overhead…

They got closer…

A Crane Silohette

Grace and beauty in the hundreds

Two huge flocks converging

Sandhill Cranes

I can not express how excited this makes me!!!

Every year on or around the 18th of April the Cranes appear above our house.

And every year I get camera happy. This year even more so with my new camera😂